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Are there any Members in Belgium that might be able to do me a favour?

Article about: I remember drinking leafmans a Trappist beer. When I was in the US a few years ago, I went to a Bar that had over 200 Beers. the girl at the bar was when they brought the Liefmans, I

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    Default Are there any Members in Belgium that might be able to do me a favour?

    I really hate to ask this, and I hope I am not crossing any lines here, however I have just found out that in Belgium there is a newer beer called Passchendaele some of the money raised by selling this beer will go to preserving Monuments around Zellbeck (?) I have been to Passchendaele a few times, and it is the place I really get my mind into the First World peaceful and quite these days

    What I would like is to buy a bunch of the beer coasters a package of them if I can, I know Royal Canadian Legions that would like to have one on display, and I know many Canadian Collectors that would want one.

    If there is anyone in Belgium or anywhere else that could make this happen, that would be GREAT, as I will pay for them, and send out some of them to Orangizations that would let others know, that SOME of us still care..and the money goes to the Monuments, I have tried to contact the link I had, but I have had no reply

    Again, this maybe crossing the line for this thread..however, on this side of the pond some of us do what we can.and we share with others.....
    Lads, maybe this will be the most expensive thing I have every bought...if I have to go there next year ( as I cannot do it this year) just to buy a beer to get the bottle, and steal as many coasters as I can!!!! LOL

    Dean O
    Ajax Canada

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    I don't live at Passchendaele but I can check if the beer is avalaible in my town
    I send you a mail tomorrow


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    THANK YOU!!! however we cannot ship the beer, I would like a package of the beer coasters and am willing to pay for them and the airmail

    Thank you agian

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    Someone can maybe send the beer using ship. Takes longer time ofcource.

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    I want to thank anyone trying to help with this..and I have to tell something about my first post on this thread.
    I posted this after coming back from my Dentist, I had to have a couple of old fillings replaced and some other holes filled. they gave me 6 needles to do it..and as I don't take any pills ect, it kinda made me a bit if some of my post looks a little odd, that's why!!
    My jaw still feels like a pin cusion and I still feel a bit light headed...I guess you could call me a cheap date!!! LOL

    And Thank you again

    Dean O

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    I go now and then to that part of the country.
    I'll try to remember next time I go, to informe you and see if you still need them.
    And if you want the beer, I did send some Duvel's to the US once, so I think it must be possible.
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Hi Dean

    It is an excellent beer in fact. I brought a case and a couple of Passchendaele glasses home with me from my last trip there.

    My son lives in Leuven and was just here visiting. He is coming again at Christmas, I can ask him if he will bring back some beer and glasses for you if you like. My next trip there is not till April of 2015 for the 100th anniversary of the 2nd Battle of Ypres.


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    Thank you, I have had many Belgium Beers over the years, and I love them as they have a strong flavor..unlike many Americans I enjoy Beer at basement temps..not warm as they say.. sorry to the American Members here, but most American Beer is weak and bad.
    I do not want any Beer sent, I just want those cardboard coasters you put the beer on when it is put on a table.

    I thank you for your efforts!!!

    Dean O

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    Belgium beer rocks! nuff said


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    Doug..YES if he can!!! I cannot get there this year due to health..however I am kinda hoping I can get there next year..but until a couple of months before the possible trip, I cannot make the plans..and as we all know, things are really booked up!!
    Between the health issues and working on feature films.I never know what I can do until near the last moment!

    So if he can bring some of those coasters here or a glass or 2, I would be very happy with them..but I would still ask others to try to help with this

    That Place is very special to me... need I say more??

    Take Care


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