We all know what a huge impact WW2 had on the modern world. The Third Reich was the "great evil Dr. Doom" of those times, and many of the things that the TR did not invent, but used anyways are today seen only as nazi symbols or uniforms by some people. For example, there are many things that existed before the TR, the most famous perhaps the swastika, which in many cultures is seen as a symbol of happiness. Now most people see it as the bad thing. What about one version of the Wheel of Sun in norse mythology? It was the divisional insignia of 11.SS-Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division Nordland. Boom, symbol ruined in the eyes of the general public.

While we are in the subject of viking symbols and mythology, we all know that the SS used different runes in many things, the most obvious are the sig runes in the SS flag. Today if a person happens to own an item with a rune inscribed into it, some people may then think that the person has pro nazi political views or such. And then something I have never seen used in TR items or insignia, the Hammer of Thor, or Mjölnir. I wear a Thor's hammer pendant as a religious item and a sign of respect towards my ancestors, but some people somehow connect it into neo nazi symbolism and accuse me wrongly.

And now we move into the uniforms. We all agree, the uniforms of the Third Reich looked dang good without the insignia, right? And as we all know, they were not the only ones using jackets and such made of wool (I cant remember the name of the material, but you get my point). These days, if a person is wearing a wool jacket that looks even remotely similar to those of the time, you know what happens.