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Thompson or M1 Carbine

Article about: Although an M1 Carbine would probably look better, and weigh a lot less on a display, the Thompson is the way I'd go - an M1 Carbine is worth 1/4 the cost of a .45 Tommy gun, IMO.........

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    Go for the Tommy gun. After all, Sergeant Saunders really liked carrying his and Audie Murphy as a Corporal & Sergeant--carried one.

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    Lightbulb Re: Thompson or M1 Carbine

    But remember you can't fit a drum to an M1A1 Thompson......

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    Id go for a M1 garand for a GI display if possible, but between the 2 at the same price, as Steve said Thompson its worth a LOT more. IMO

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    I'll go for the Thompson. But it is your decision at the end eventually!!!


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    Buy them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Is there going to be a dummy incorporated in the display? Makes a difference to the weapon you choose.

    The Thompson is a mean looking hard ass gun which wouldn't look right on a department store reject mannequin with pouty lips and a pansy pose.
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    LOL Funny...Agreed,,, then the decision has been made that the M1 is for the pouty type manequine I couldnt resist
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