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Three suspected former Auschwitz guards arrested.

Article about: In earlier decades Germany released many of those convicted and serving life sentences for war crimes after only a few years and later were less than enthusiastic in pursuing those implicate

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    Big Ned is 100% correct on this in my opinion.

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    I'm sure they will spend soo long in prison .....

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    Of course I want murderers brought to justice, though if I understand the wording of the law correctly, then they could go after Reichsbahn Locomotive Engineers driving the trains to the camps as well...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Fred Green



    It is never too late to find and eradicate this crude from the human race! I just visited the Vught concentration camp in 's-Hertogenbosch. It was a transit camp.I saw my friends Grandfather's name on the wall. It is never too late! I hope they spend their last hours on earth locked in a cell thinking about what they have done.


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    you could be right Glenn but its got to be done.some where along the line I lost relatives in the camps.

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    There was another article about a former Dachau guard in the Daily Mail in December 2013:

    Former concentration camp guard has 'Mein Kampf' picture board | Mail Online


    Sadly the Soviets have never considered bringing to trial any of those involved in the mass exterminations through the gulag system of hundreds of thousands of prisoners arbitrarily convicted under Article 58 of the Soviet penal code.
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    Indeed, it should be remembered that John Demjanjuk was prosecuted under this law as an 'accessory to murder' back in 2011 and was sentenced to 5 years. Although he died whilst still free appealing his sentence, and as such has no criminal record within Germany, the sentence was as good as a life term for all intents and purposes. If he was jailed and survived to be released, at least it could be said that justice was seen to be done.

    I expect that any future trials will come to a similar conclusion if the accused is found guilty, as a precedent has in a way been set, and is sufficient to show that the law has taken it's course, and that is, in my opinion, what this is really all about as things stand today over 70 years later.
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    So you are found guilty of being an 'accessory to murder' and then freed to appeal your sentence?....
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    It does not matter if someone committed a crime 1 month ago or 1000 months ago you should do time if you committed a crime.

    Although it's not a prison sentence I think the way some of these people lived with one eye open every second of the day, always worrying you will be caught is as good as a punishment as they never lived in peace and relaxation.
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