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Time team dig on Jersey

Article about: Just been watching the Time team dig on Jersey , not sure if anyone else saw it found it interesting but they really need to get people who know what they are looking at as far as the items

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    Default Time team dig on Jersey

    Just been watching the Time team dig on Jersey , not sure if anyone else saw it found it interesting but they really need to get people who know what they are looking at as far as the items they dug up and the EOD guy really didnt have a clue , thats TV for you ,

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    A lot of it is played up for the Tv, I think I've heard about the EOD guy and if it is the same person, he does know what he's on about but like I say, the producers play on it for entertainment. I'm watching it now and I bet they have an excessively over sized demolition at the end. They have to put on a show!

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    Hi Kradman,
    They certainly did need to get people who knew what they were looking at as far as the items were concerned. I was there along with my mate Graham.... both of us grew up here on the Island and between us we have more knowledge than any of the time team people but they just were not interested in anything we had to say. The whole dig was scripted, it was a done deal before the first shovel of earth was even turned over. We were able to tell them what items were but they "knew" what they were so all input was ignored. I now cannot watch any of the time team programmes because I have seen first hand how they conduct themselves and from what I saw it made the whole idea of the programme into a farce.
    I must take issue with your comment about the EOD guy not having a clue. Please can you explain your comment in detail. The man in question has been the local bomb disposal officer/EOD man on the Island now for over 40 years..... at some point in that time if as you say he does not have a clue he would have come unstuck. He has all his fingures and toes, arms and legs. In my book he does a damn good job. I have helped him on a number of occasions with various pieces of live ordnance and have always been totally confident in his knowledge and ability. There have never been any close calls or near misses. If you can let me know what you mant by your comment I would appreciate it as I would like the chance to put right the thoughts you have on him "not having a clue". My mate Graeme and I found the 88 case that was blown on the programme so let me know where our EOD man went wrong for you and I will put you on the right track. Just remember you said it....thats tv for you. They made a programme about nothing that was not known before and the "experts" certainly left a lot to be desired.
    Hope to get a response from you in due coarse.
    All the best from Jersey,

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    The bang at the end is not the shell being disposed of, its just a charge being fired off because the cameraman actually missed the shell going up and luckily our EOD man had another charge he could set off in the hope they captured it on film. The bang is the best part of the programme for sure.

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    Hi D
    If it was another charge being blown up at the end of the show it makes more sense as the flat 88 case they show being dug up looked fired so my point was why blow up a empty case(just for good TV) ,I am sorry maybe saying not having a clue was abit hard on the guy as not knowing him and if you say he has been doing this sort of work for 40 years good on him as i know the risks , but i feel it is abit over the top for what ammo was found with most shown found being empty,I know any ammo found on a dig should be treated as live until known safe or not and I know from my time doing EOD work and having still all my fingers so i know what i am talking about , I know things are bigged up for TV shows and i think thats what happed here and i am sorry if i have hurt anyones feelings its just the way it came across to me and everyone view shows in different ways

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    The 88 shell found had in fact been subject to burning and had flattened out when burnt. The primer was missing but the gaine was still intact and therefore needed to be dealt with in the right and proper manner. Having said that Andy Robinshaw , time teams expect had said it was safe from the outset. When I pointed out that there was a physical change to the primer area once exposed to the air he said it was still safe..... why take risks, total madness and he was proven to be wrong at the end of the day.

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