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totally crazy

Article about: by davejb cant wait to see Big Neds comments Umm.... I think the one on the left is Big Ned.... He hasn't responded yet because his fingers hurt or something.......?

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    very popular in Eastern Europe :-)
    also diesel generators were used :-)
    Looking for following WWII German items:
    - anything dealing with Allenstein (Olsztyn) and Wehrkreis I in East Prussia,
    - entrenching tool carrier (straight and folding),
    - forestry and hunting items,
    Join my Facebook group -

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    A shame the stupid bastards didn't Sink themselves....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Wrong fuse I guess, looks like one to use when you use the grenade with a tripwire etc. What they needed there was a fishing fuse.

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    You can't fix stupid.

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    Gives a new meaning to 'Two men in a boat ' basically thats what happen when you have'nt got a bloody clue what your doing , cant wait to see Big Neds comments

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    This has to be the most retarded thing I have ever seen.
    What a bunch of Idjits.........!


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    10m below, a fish turns to his mate and says "did you just fart?"
    Currently working on several KZ related projects, including items for the USHMM, Gro-Rosen Museum and various private concerns and studies. Available as a guide to KZ sites, contact for details.

    "maka akaŋl oyate maŋi pi ki le, tuweŋi wypeya oki hi sni"

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    As tigers migrate towards the sound of artillery during war in search of an easy meal, I'm quite sure sharks are gathering around these I said, you can't fix stupid as it is more a natural selection sort of thing.

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    A somewhat predictable outcome and what a pair of dumbf#cks.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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