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Article about: I know there is a lot of members on WRF who had/have family members in the various armed forces who served their country no matter which side they were on. i think its a good idea to have a

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    I know there is a lot of members on WRF who had/have family members in the various armed forces who served their country no matter which side they were on. i think its a good idea to have a thread devoted to them. post pictures, info etc and we can all honor true heros

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    i shall start with my great grandfather of the west riding regiment Sgt Norris H Crossley:Picture1.jpgcimg3192a.jpgUntitled.jpg

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    I'm actually currently researching my Great Grandfather on my dads side of the family who served during the First World War. Next time I'm at my uncles house I'll dig out the photograph of him and his AB64 and post them along with his medal card index ( thanks for the colour one Ade ) I'm trying to contact various parts of my extended family just in the off chance that someone has his medals too.



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    Terrific idea Tom! The pic I have is of Lance sargeant Jack Briggs, 2/4th Australian machine gun battalion, died in September 1943. He was killed by the Japanese, worked to death as slave labour on the Burma railway. He worked from the northern end of the railway and his brother, Roy, also in the 2/4th machine gun was forced to work from the Thai end of the railway. Roy survived and came home in October 1945.

    Another uncle was in the 2/7th infantry battalion, Stan Hobman, he was killed in action at Bardia north Africa on the 22nd of December 1940.

    Stans brother, Roy Hobman, joined the 2/4th infantry battalion in Sydney and was eventually captured in the Australian general hospital at heraklion, Crete, after being hit by an exploding round fired from an ME 110 the day before the German invasion. I wrote a full story of his military experience and posted it in the discussions forum some time back.
    Cheers, Dave.

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    thanks for sharing danny and dave

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    My family has served the US since the Revolutionary war in 1776. The most famous is my Great Great Great Grandfather General Edward Burleson. He was the Gereral of the Texas Army during the Alamo and the Mexican War. He had 7 boys who all served in the Civil War, Texas Cavalry, 3 of which were killed in action. They named the city Burleson Texas and Burleson County after him. Several more in WWI and WWI. My Father in Korea and most of my cousins in Vietnam.


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    Good idea Tom.
    This is my Father's cousin, John Wilson Cawte. He was killed 26th June 1944 in Normandy. He was a gunner in a Sexton tank which was hit by a shell. The entire crew was killed and the bodies were never recovered. I guess he is in an 'Unknown' Grave somewhere in Normandy but his name is in the Bayeux Memorial.
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    Kenneth Maxwell Ackerly
    2/13th Battalion (Infantry)
    9th Division
    2rd AIF.
    Served in South West Pacific (PNG) 1943-44 until malaria hospitalised him

    pop.jpgrsl gt.jpg

    May god bless my pop,he was a truly beautiful man whom I love and miss every day.
    Well done re this thread,I hope more will post their memories of family members here.
    Have a look for "What my Family/Friends told me" in the discussion forum,you may wish to add.
    Thanks and all the best
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    Dave, that is a great looking war memorial, is that your local one? I love the 303 and slouch hat on top, very poignant indeed.

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    A very good idea Tom, well done I say.


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