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Trip to Italy. Finally able to find militaria!

Article about: Do you have any info on that castle? Is it a Norman castle or Muslim? The French cavalry armor is absolutely amazing! I have a similar cuirassier helmet as the one on the far right in the Fr

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    Default Trip to Italy. Finally able to find militaria!

    Hello, gents!

    I'm finally back from a few weeks in Calabria, Italy. For years, I tried to find out more about WWII related things in this region of Italy, but it was always to no avail. With a little help from forum members, I was able to have a little bit more luck this time around.

    First, some general pictures from the vacation:

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    Default Re: Trip to Italy. Finally able to find militaria!

    Next, I was able to find a series of 4 bunkers in a farmer's field near the port of Crotone. I had seen some smaller bunkers in the past, but never any this big. I parked my car on the side of the road and entered the field to climb around on these bunkers and explore them a little. Unfortunately, I was wearing flipflops and couldn't climb down into them.

    I was told that the Germans made them during WWII:

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    Default Re: Trip to Italy. Finally able to find militaria!

    Looks like you had a great time. Looks like some beautiful countryside.

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    Default Re: Trip to Italy. Finally able to find militaria!

    Next, a forum member suggested the Museo Storico Militare in Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy. I had never heard of this museum before and it ended up being a highlight of my trip!! It covered military history from the Napoleonic Era to WWII. Of course my main area of interest was the WWII section. My favorite display was their recreation of a WWI trench.

    The curator of the museum was so excited when he heard that we were visiting his museum that he gifted me a hard-cover commemorative book and signed it for me!

    My only complaint about the museum was that the guide that curator assigned me was a litttttle bit too clingy and I would have liked to just stroll around the museum on my own. At one point, he was standing in the way when I tried to take a picture, so he hid behind the window blinds... lol!


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    Default Re: Trip to Italy. Finally able to find militaria!

    In our home town, I was able to check out the war memorial closely for the first time. My last name is Trocino, but I am related to all of the Petrocca's, Pace's, Milea's, Carvelli's, and Rizza's on the lists:


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    Default Re: Trip to Italy. Finally able to find militaria!

    Glad to hear you had a good time. It looks like a great trip Joe. Museum looks very well done!

    *Sorry to interrupt *

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    Default Re: Trip to Italy. Finally able to find militaria!

    Finally, I'll mention the militaria I came across/ brought home as souvenirs.

    First, my aunt found a 1942 ErB marked Werhmact jerrycan a while ago. She didn't know I'd be interested in it, so she gave it to the local library/ museum. I tried to see if I could get it back, but the head of the library wanted to keep it. Not a total tragedy... I'm not sure how I'd be able to bring it home!

    Next, a relative gave me a Carcano leather bandolier that's worn across the chest like a sash. He said it has been in his house forever... so it probably belonged to a relative of mine who served in the military for Italy.

    Next, a funky little fellow set himself up to try to sell his treasures at the beach one day. He had gramophones, accordions, old tube radios, random antiques, AND I spotted a WWII Italian mess kit. He had it marked at 10euro, but I was able to talk him down to three!!

    Finally, I told my great aunt about my interest in militaria and she was very excited to give me a military medal that belonged to my great grandfather. He was born in 1897... so it's likely a WWI medal! Unfortunately, she couldn't find it in time before I left. She promised to find it and give it to my father when he travels to Italy in a few weeks.

    I didn't have enough room in my suitcase for the messkit and bandolier, so they made the trip in my cousin's suitcase. I should see him this weekend to claim my treasures. Pictures will be posted ASAP! To tide you guys over, here are pictures of the jerrycan that got away! Also, a neat illustration that was at the local museum/ library.


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    Default Re: Trip to Italy. Finally able to find militaria!

    Nice pics Joe,except for the sea monster one.

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    Default Re: Trip to Italy. Finally able to find militaria!

    Great museum.
    The giant circumcision machine was a little scary though.

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    Default Re: Trip to Italy. Finally able to find militaria!

    Great trip and photos Joe - what was with the mud? ... sunblock for North American skin in sun-soaked Calabria??
    Cheers, Dan

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