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Is this true?

Article about: Yep! Guaranteed piece of the berghoff that hitler may or may not have passed by, gave a cursory glance to or blondie peed on

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    Default Is this true?

    Even pith helmets?
    Who can buy something like this?
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    LOL - Makes me laugh.........!


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    Is this the same group that was selling the pieces of the civil was flag?

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    Same as these im sure. I couldnt belive they would cut up items to sell....

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    Wow. Dumb.

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    Nothing more horrific than a Pith helmet!

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    Unfortunately some unscrupulous people think that instead of preserving militaria as a whole piece they are doing the world a favour by destroying it and cutting it into little pieces so everyone can own a piece of 'something'.

    Needless to say this practice is completely out of order and I would urge members here not to do the same or give these people money for such pieces as it will only serve to encourage them. The people are not historians or preservers of relics, they are destroyers of history and if there is any outlet where members here can voice their opposition to such a practice I would urge you to take it as this is completely unacceptable to anyone connected to collecting and preserving history, be it militaria or otherwise.

    There is also the point that you don't actually know if what is being offered is the real thing. A whole item is easier to authenticate than a little square so you really have no idea if what is being sold is actually real. It is purely a money making scheme for these vandals plain and simple.

    As well as the thread linked to above, here is the link to the Civil War Flag Chris alluded to.

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    True, these people need only find an old tablecloth at auction, cut it up into 1" squares and voila! instant 'collectables' of Hitler's dining tablecloth from the Berghof!

    (If you're lucky you might get the bit where he spat out his coffeee upon hearing the Allies had landed)

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    i had to read this a 2nd time i just dident get it. but got it now a piece of pith helmet. i realy hope people bye this item. a photo of a soilder in the frame wearing a pith helmet would be way better. still dont get it. what i mean is that stuff like this is getting done.

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    I'm gonna collect the whole set of these - I may be able to rebuild the entire house - well they did with the six million dollar man
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