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Article about: The Laughing cow, the story of U69.

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    The Laughing cow, the story of U69.

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    Hi Dave, here is a great list of models on the market: - Special Sections - U-boat Models

    The one by Robbe is 1:40 scale and 1.7m long! It is designed to be a R/C working model. It is about 260. Here is a site which has some good pics of an after market etched brass deck which can be bought for it:

    Robbe U-47 Photoetched Brass Decks

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Sorry for going off uboat subject but had to post this because model's were mentioned, its from my days as a young lad but can't bring myself to build it should bring back memories for you lad's also

    cheer's Ronnie
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    Hi Ade,
    Thanks for the links for the boats, they are really great looking
    models I would love to build one of those, but it would be hard to display in my room. the details are something else, can you imagine 1.7 long wow, my grand kids wouldnt keep there hands off it. it would have to be in a cover. And Ronnie, i wouldnt make that model either if it was my dads, i would have to keep it as is.

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    My friend Willie Brech served on a U Boat, died 1999

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    Just for interest guys on my Great Great Uncle....
    JEFFRIES, Joshua A, Leading Hand, T.124/138460, MPK
    Dunvegan Castle: Completed in August 1936 as motor passenger ship for Union-Castle Mail SS Co Ltd, London. On 7 Sep, 1939, requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted to the armed merchant cruiser HMS Dunvegan Castle until 20 December.
    Dunvegan castle was sunk by U-46 member of the 7th U-Boot Flotilla, Commander Engelbert Endrass (Knights Cross Winner) from May 1940.
    (27 dead and 250 survivors)
    At 21.47 hours on 27 Aug, 1940, HMS Dunvegan Castle (Capt H. Ardill (retired), RN), escorting convoy SL-43, was hit aft of the bridge by one torpedo from U-46 about 120 miles southwest of Cape Clear. As the ship continued, the U-boat fired two further torpedoes at 22.12 and 22.51 hours, which hit the engine room and just before the bridge. The vessel stopped, caught fire and foundered the next day in 5454N/11W. Three officers and 24 ratings were lost. The commander and 249 crew members (twelve of them wounded) were picked up by HMS Harvester (H 19) (LtCdr M. Thornton, RN) and HMS Primrose (K 91) and landed in Scotland.


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    Hi Dan , sad but very interesting piece of personal history !


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    Colt , did your friend Willie tell you any stories ?

    Thanks for the heads up on the book panzer it looks a great read , i`ll look out for it ! U Boats have a special aura about them , don`t you think ? The isolation and fear the crews must have gone through once they had stepped aboard and left port ... very brave men !!!

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    In my previous collection I had some bellongings of a young chap that was a KM member, and died in the war.
    They where handed over to me by his sister, who was a friend of my parents.
    I was 12 at that time, and I recall a picture among the lot of here brother, along with his mates standing around a 1 persons U-boat. I was not allowed to ask any questions to to women who give me those things.
    And the only thing my father told me was that it where suicide U-boats filled with explosives and that thise chap came to his end by guiding thise under water bomb. I did not attached much believe to thise story!
    I have been looking for that kind of U-boats on the net, but I can not come to anything alike.
    Does anybody know what i am talking about??

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    Hi there were certainly 1 man crewed torpedos that the KM developed and i believe first used off the D-Day landings. The crew man was effectively sealed under a perspex canopy and a lot died from lack of oxygen before they could do any useful. I believe that there is a section in the book Kommando, German special forces. But a whole u boat as a suicide weapon?, i don't see how it could be guided remotely and if a u boat could get close enough to cause damage by being exploded then it could just as easily fire a torpedo.

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