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Article about: The Laughing cow, the story of U69.

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    Quote by OKW View Post
    Hi there were certainly 1 man crewed torpedos that the KM developed and i believe first used off the D-Day landings. The crew man was effectively sealed under a perspex canopy and a lot died from lack of oxygen before they could do any useful. I believe that there is a section in the book Kommando, German special forces. But a whole u boat as a suicide weapon?, i don't see how it could be guided remotely and if a u boat could get close enough to cause damage by being exploded then it could just as easily fire a torpedo.
    It must be that, I know it was nearly the end of the war and that he was recruited out of the HJ, at the age of 17 to participate to that project.
    He got a german cross, but posthumely.

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    Hi Stuka, this is the one you were thinking, the "Neger". You can see one here:

    Kleinst-Uboot Neger Speyer Ein-Mann-Torpedo Rüstungsindustrie Kriegsdauer Himmelfahrtskommando Torpedoversuchsanstalt Kiel-Eckenförde Torpedo G7e Drager-Atemgerät Armbandkompass Plexiglashaube Kimme-Korn-Visier Plexiglashaube Mohr 1943 Technik Museum

    Other German WW2 mini subs proper can be seen here: - Fates - Midget submarines

    A "Biber" is now restored to working order. Here is a link to a TV programme made about it:

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Thanks Ade!
    But they loock very different from the one I can remember on the picture I had.

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    Not one of those in the U Boat net link?

    If not, I don't know what it could have been?

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Just came across Mini U-Boat “Hecht", but the picture is to small, but that one looks more like it.
    Maybe I should go back to the ladie who gave me the picture, she probably kept some other pictures.

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    That would be great!

    Here is another link:

    German Midget Submarine Hecht (Pike)

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    Quote by ALLERBERGER View Post
    Colt , did your friend Willie tell you any stories ?

    Thanks for the heads up on the book panzer it looks a great read , i`ll look out for it ! U Boats have a special aura about them , don`t you think ? The isolation and fear the crews must have gone through once they had stepped aboard and left port ... very brave men !!!
    Willie told me he liked the navy uniforms in the Munich parade, training was hard, he worked 15 hrs a day and could sleep on the cold steel floor, food was lousy,, got depthcharged.. many of his friends died in them... acid fumes were bad,, everybody in the boat stunk,. I let him borrow my tape of DAS BOOT, he brought it back Mon. & said it made him cry "What fools we were"

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    Quote by colt45 View Post
    Willie told me he ........
    & said it made him cry "What fools we were"

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    Hi Colt 45,
    I would have loved to have met your friend Willie, he sounded like a great person. They had a really bad time of it in those subs by the way they tell the stories, also in what we know through the
    films and books ect. I only went on one modern sub, in rossythe
    ( not sure if that is spelt right ), 20 of us were picked to spend a day with the navy, i wouldnt do that job, it all yellow lights when you are moving, and very cramped. I commend any man who searved in the submarine corps, and here,s to willie Brech.

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    Hi Ade,
    My faverite mini sub is the biber, I saw that program where they restored the one now in the museum. It had a leak when they first put it in the water, but soon fixed that and it went like a dream. I am going to get a model of one to go with my uboat,
    They have them on the link that you sent me. very brave men i think.

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