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Article about: The Laughing cow, the story of U69.

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    It took a while to get Willie to talk about it and to teach me some German,, Danke

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    Colt , a lot of vets are like that aren`t they , full respect to Willie .


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    Guys, were you talking about Man'd torpedoes like the Italian ones used in the Med?
    22ft torpedoes which was driven by 2 man crew sitting astride it. launched by subs and then they guided the Timed missile to target, attached it to the bottom of it and got off pretty quickly before it blew!!!

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    I tought the one I had on that picture was ment for one person only, with a plexi canopy , but it is so long ago, I could be wrong.
    I am trying to get in touch again with th poor lad's sister!

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    Ok stuka... will post a pic of this one later

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    Just found this model makers site which has some very detailed info on U47 and how the paintwork, markings and conning tower details altered over time:

    Model Shipwrights :: U 47 Modifications & Colours by Dougie Martindale

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Very intresting, thanks!!

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