Hello to all! I have a question and would like some input? I truly do appreciate this forum and the members here who volunteer their time and sometimes sanity to help new collectors like myself further understand the historical importance of collecting identifying and caring for all things militaria. Thanks again to all who contribute! I have recently became a wrf club member but I d like to help out further. I have in my posession a military map of the Korean peninsula I m not sure if it s war period but it came to me through a estate sale purchase of a box of military manuals some dating back to ww1. This particular piece while interesting and worth preserving doesn't really have a home in my collection. It s sizeable 3' x 5' perhaps it would be great for another members collection (preferably a vet or someone who collects this era of militaria)? Possibly war room? I d like to offer it up for donation if desired with any profits going directly to the forum nothing coming back to me. Provided it s within the continental US I will cover shipping cost. What's the best way to go about this? Or is it a bad idea altogether? I d just like it to go where it could be appreciated preserved and possibly displayed. Best regards and thanks for reading this.IMG_20130702_131544_890.jpg