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UK Militaria

Article about: Has anyone had any dealings with UK Militaria? They sell items at 70% discount, which sounds to good to be true but some items look pretty genuine to me

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    Are right then looks like I was lucky, however I will say what I wanted was not expensive or German for that matter and I picked the item from his shop deliberately as I wanted to pattern it for a future product line in my Repro U.S. Field gear range so no harm done then

    However if he was the guy trading under the name of "military bargains UK" then it looks like a had a very lucky escape, genuine SS smocks ! one of his product lines, these were of course Austrian ones, and I know nothing about German kit however I even know the difference I used to love looking on his Ebay page, and even had it saved to my favourite sellers, so I could just go and cheer myself up and laugh at the latest BS he had written for his listings, the best of it is his feedback score was the worst I've EVER SEEN ! and yet people still bought from him, and then left yet another negative soon after . If I'd known who he was I wouldn't have touched him with a barge poll.

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    I watch this dealers website a lot. Some of his stuff is totally unbelievable! He usually sells repro English Civil War helmets as the genuine article. Even with the '70%' discount the price is way above their value. He was (and maybe still is) trading on e-bay at one time. He was selling repro swords as original. Another seller exposed him. There seems to be the odd sprinkling of 'questionable' items mixed with good items. I will be charitable and say that perhaps he is not well up on his stuff. I wouldn't want to be accused of 'slandering' the man! This ploy of 70% sale has been used by him for a while now. What dealer can afford to offer a genuine 70% sale? Anyone who falls for such a sales technique has only got themselves to blame. You don't get 'owt for nowt' as they say...

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