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Valuable tool

Article about: It a very valuable tool, one I've been using a USB microscope to examine SS and other helmet decals for years now and there are many pinned threads on the topic over on GHW. In fact the USB

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    Default Valuable tool

    G'day all,
    I just thought I would start this thread to share with you all a great little bit of kit I picked up yesterday, it is a digital microscope. I bought it from my local computer shop near where I live in Western Australia and it's fantastic! As most of you probably know I collect NSDAP party badges so I wanted something to be able to get better photos of them and I came across this thing which I could see had applications for many other aspects of this hobby the moment I got it working. I paid $99 in the shop but I'm sure you could probably get it cheaper online, however $99 is a great price considering how much our hobby costs us. I just wanted to share it with you blokes as I think it could be useful to many others. The more I look at what this thing is capable of the more impressed I am, imagine the detailed microscopic pics you could take of an SS decal? Or the makers mark on an EK? etc... Something like this just makes it just that little bit more difficult for a faker, and thats got to be a good thing. Anyway, it is called: DIGITECH CAM DIG Microscope USB QC3247, It just plugs into a USB port on your computer and away you go. I am the worlds worst pic taker but even after one day of having this thing I could take these pics so I'm sure you blokes that are more computer savy will get great pics. To give you an idea of how good this thing is, the eagle in the attached pic is in the grip of my SS dagger! I have also included pics of a runic SS collar tab and Deschler skull - and a party badge.
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    Oops, forgot the party badge pic! Here is also a pic of the microscope.
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    This for sure is a valuable tool as what we can not see with the human eye,,this microscope can bring to light. These days it would be necessary to have a tool like this to discern the differences in casting types between the TR period and what the fakers are trying to do. The fakers anymore are getting better and better. Can you post a photo of what this microscope looks like? This is a great post and is well needed to protect the serious collector. Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

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    I bought the exact same one you have off eBay in feb this year, 48 bucks for two! So my dad got one!

    They are good bits of kit

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    I am very impressed with the quality of the microscope.
    What a great idea Dave.
    Its indeed valuable to a collector.
    Thanks for sharing

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    Thanks boys, it really is great! Larry, The pic of the microscope is in the second post mate. If this thing has a fault, it is in the fact that it is excellent for really close up pics but much harder to focus the further you move away from a subject. I can really see this sort of technology having applications right across the hobby, It won't stop fakers but, I think, It just might make them have to work a bloody sight harder to fool people with their crap.

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    Very impressive tool, that. I feel a purchase coming on! Thanks for helping me spend my money for me.



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    Default Re: Valuable tool

    Great idea for TR collectors, i must admit iv never seen one before, thanks for the info

    cheers Paul

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    They tke a bit to get used to, and some patience when focusing... But the detail it picks up is awsome

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    A pic of the corner of my EK2 and the edge of my Great Grandfathers 1st WW Service medal! Sorry about the self indulgence here gents, I'm still learning what I can do with this thing.
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