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Vet to return WWII 'capture' sword to Japanese family.

Article about: As per the title. Thought maybe some would find this interesting - I know I did. Too bad the pic isnt better or some here might say more about the blade itself. There ought to be a law stipu

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    Fascinating Bob, thanks for posting this.

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    Excellent thread thanks for posting,an interesting read.


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    Bob, thanks. Very interesting info indeed.
    Sounds like we have two gentleman to thank for a lot of valuable blades being preserved.
    A tip of the hat to both Col. Caldwell and Dr. Homma.
    In light of your post, its even more strange, that they managed to trace the previous owners of the blade.
    Sounds like acomplicated and difficult task.
    I wish there were better pics and info inregards to the blade being returned.

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    Again,as always Bob is right on it. Bob you are a vast well of knowledge. Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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