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Victim of fraud need your help!!! Re watch

Article about: I need help with all info regarding this watch. \\$_57 (1).JPG\\$_57.JPG I bought this watch which after talking to this group I was advised this watch is a fake. I need to provide as much info

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    Default Victim of fraud need your help!!! Re watch

    I need help with all info regarding this watch. $_57 (1).JPG$_57.JPG I bought this watch which after talking to this group I was advised this watch is a fake. I need to provide as much info as possible so I can get my money back via ebay. If you can tell me what is wrong with it and if you have any links that I can provide to ebay with documentation that would great. Thank You very much in advance.

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    klucker... Where to begin.... Oh, "Caveat emptor" Let the buyer beware... Next time you find an
    item post and ask questions here first. We all or most have been burned once in our endeavor of collecting.. If it is not a great sum of money..move on... And stay clear of "Flea bay"... unless you have the knowledge of items you wish to purchase.. Good luck and happy hunting.... Gwar

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    All the infomation on why it is bad was listed in the other thread...

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    Yes, I just want to try to get as much info as possible if there is any links I can send to ebay.

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    Its a Doxa watch and not a very good one. The watched has been modified by legion stickers which which aimed to indicate that his was a Condor Legion Item. And if you dont mind me asking, how much did you pay? I see these all the time for under 50$

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    One of your problems is that the seller didn't get into much detail in the they usually don't. In the end they were probably truthful in the generated listing about the brand and age of the watch. It will just end up being your word against theirs regarding the legitimacy of the piece as a Third Reich artifact. The seller never actually says it is a Third Reich piece.

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    How long have you had it? Tell ebay the item is not as described and is known by collectors as a then should be up to the seller to prove its originality..well that worked for me once,but i had an original item to show them and the seller had an original photo but then posted a fake product...good luck anyway mate..worst comes to worst, do what every single person on here has done and learn from it ...Just read the above post,posted at the same time,if they have not claimed it to be third Reich that makes it hard

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    Klucker: RH1941, Wagriff, and others have explained that the stickers were added to the dial long after the watch was made, and there are probably no ready sources of information that will positively show that your watch is a fraud. That being the case, about the only recourse you have with respect to obtaining evidence of fraud, is to take your watch to a reputable watch repair, where the crystal can be removed and the decals examined. An expert who is familiar with Doxa and or the practice of creating frauds with modern decals, should be able to provide you with a written report as to how your particular watch has been modified through the use of fake decals. But that service won't be free. It's even possible that the decal can be lifted almost intact from the dial and transferred to a 3X5 card for preservation and photographing. That takes skill, care, and patience, but it can sometimes be done. It is very much the same as taking forensic evidence. If you are bold, imaginative, and have a "why not" attitude, you might even be able to lift off the decal yourself. But if you don't have those traits, then how much you are willing to pay to establish positive proof of fraud will probably depend on how much you paid for the watch. The Best of luck to you. Dwight

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    How much did you pay for it? Could still be a nice watch after removal of decals...

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    I paid over 200 for it. How much is a watch like this usually worth?

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