I recently purchased a cap which I was told was Vietcong NVA. But an American collector has since told me that the communist star on it dates the cap to the French Indochina wars, and the shape of the cap is one that he has never encountered before.

The general shape of the cap is similar to the Japanese caps of WW2, and it is only the rear where the shape differs. The red woolen circle stitched on the front has a star which appears to be made from a thick paint-like substance, perhaps some kind of transfer?

The two buttons holding the chinstrap look as though they don't belong to the cap. But close examination shows that they appear to have always been on. The cap shows obvious use, and is quite dirty - although this does not show up in the pictures all that well. Has anyone out there ever seen one like this before? I would be very grateful if anyone could shed some light on this item.