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Waiting for payment on Ebay items

Article about: Gents I've been doing some short quick 3day ebay sales to help finish off paying health bills what do you do when buyers dont return messages or send payment within a respectable time? Am I

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    Are they advertised on here, give it a go.

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    At the very bottom of any ebay page, near the center you will see "site map" click on that, you will find how to block bidders, I have done that may will have to copy the buyers user name and put it into the box for blocked bidders, when you add new names, make sure yiou leave a space between each name.

    Dean O

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    Thanks Dean I found the tools I needed last night and blocked those two bidders from my listings I also ticked a box that puts the whole thing on auto in the future so I don't have to fanny around.

    Thanks Gents wouldn't have seen all this if it wasn't for your comments.


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    As already stated ebay always seem to favour the buyer not the seller regardless of who's in the wrong.the reason is because ebay set the Negative feedback with the buyer who can hit it freely at will while the seller cannot so therefore puts the seller at a serious disadvantage,if the seller "rocks the boat" there at the buyers mercy and there's nothing that can be done.I think there rules should be re-looked at and a new overview should be carried out to make the whole experiance a much fairer playing field.

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    Ebay really ***** for the seller..I could go on for hours...but this time I will not!!!

    And if I could post photos in the for sale area..I would offer many things here... however I am a computer fool so I cannot

    Dean O

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