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Warning!! Be careful..

Article about: Good day, All. Guys, I have bought NSDAP golden party badge, from this website, ( The Dogface soldier ) before 3 years, and they send me COA with a lifetime guarantee. its turned out to be f

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    Khaled, tell the seller that you intend to post on the forum his COA, alongside pictures of the fake badge, and also a copy of his email to you, and proof of it being a fake. That might stir him into giving you a refund. He may threaten to sue, but he won't.


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    Khaled, sorry you got scammed. I took at look at his guys web site and found much high end stuff. I see you have been a member on this board for some time. I have found this board is probably the best tool to stay ahead of the outright scammers and vendors with limited knowledge. I would avoid the site you bought from like the pledge from now on. A return policy that states items can not be posted on a web site for opinions is just plain crazy. Many vendors limit the time for review to a couple of days for your money back.

    I know many people buy off the web, I personally like the item in my hand and being to be able to talk with the vendor. What I also look for a match in my picture data base before buying.

    I am posting a pic of a good Gold Party Badge to show differences. I have come to the conclusion that fakers can never copy the coloring of authentic TR items. The color on your badge is washed out, a big red flag for me. The lettering also very wrong.
    I hope the threat of web exposer get your money back. Wondering if you paid a lot, these are not cheap badges.

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    Steve, thank you for your support, I did tell him that I will post as much as I can on the collector's community, he is so rude to me, I don't have a chance after I started a war with him. I just wanted to sheer with you my bad experience.

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    War Medals

    John, Thank you so much for your support, I am lucky to be here with you guys, and next time I will ask here before I buy anything those days the dealers getting more greedy and dangerous.

    Best regards.

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    Whether this dealer's other stock is authentic or not, his reported words and actions to date, would tell me; "this is a guy you don't want to do any business with."
    Plenty of other fish in the sea, best to avoid the sharks.

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