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A warning and a plea to all dog owners.

Article about: poor bety ,such a shame she couldnt be revived ,my thoughts are with the handler ,i understand the special bond this team must of had

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    poor bety ,such a shame she couldnt be revived ,my thoughts are with the handler ,i understand the special bond this team must of had

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    Yes A valuable thread. We become very attached to our pets and we mean well with toys we buy for them but often do not think of the hazzards of small play items. They're lives are too short as it is.

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    I sat in on the inquiry interview yesterday at the request of my colleague.

    It was a very freak accident where a couple of things that could go wrong all happened at once.

    The dog caught the ball on the up bounce. It flew straight to the back of her throat, beyond her teeth and lodged in the pocket at the far back of the throat. It was a perfect angle unfortunately, it missed all her teeth. A few mm in any direction and it wouldn't have happened but on this occasion a thousand to one chance meant it just went straight back and lodged there.
    The ball was also of a size that we are issued with and it was passed and approved on purchase from our licencing officer as an acceptably large enough size. I would say it was slightly smaller than a tennis ball. The dog was also very small dog for her breed and there is no way you could ever foresee a ball that size getting stuck in a dog's windpipe. The rope pulling free was just another bad piece of luck.
    The ball was stuck there held by suction. The dog was struggling and biting as it tried to breathe all the while sucking the ball in place. It was slick with saliva which prevented my colleague from getting purchase. She passed out and as he ran with her, the movement dislodged the ball and he tried resuscitating her by blowing into her muzzle and pumping the chest. I would add that none of us as dog handlers are trained in emergency first aid. (?)
    It was too late on this occasion.

    Although it is a very sad occurrence that was the result of a few bad things all happening together it was put down as an accident and no hint of negligence could be attributed. No-one could possibly have foreseen this combination of events all happening together.

    Always make sure your dog toys are quality. If you use a throwing/catching toy, make sure there is a rope through the item that can't be pulled free. Make sure the rope is long enough that if the toy does become stuck, there will always be a length hanging from the dog's mouth to pull on to free it.
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    The exact same thing happened to my son's German Shepherd who was a brother to the dog I use as my avitar. Luckily, we were able to dislodge the ball before he suffocated. Since that experience. I only allow my shepherd to play with a very hard plastic ball which is the size of a normal basketball. Shepherds especially love this ball and like to run with it propelling it forward with their front paws and steering with their snout. Both of my shepherds always looked forward daily for their time with the "boomer ball."


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