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Warsaw Ghetto Photos

Article about: Forbidden Photos: Warsaw ghetto in the summer 1941 I've never seen this series of photos before, some of which are quite chilling!...

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    Quote by Shadwellarmy View Post
    I cant believe how many people are smiling and looking determined despite their hopeless situation, I would expected far more apathy on the images. I wonder if I myself would have handled the situation this brave if I would have been in their shoes.
    Because they didn't realise their situation was hopeless at this time....not until they arrived at the gas chambers of Treblinka.
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    Very powerful and very moving photos , thank you for sharing them.

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    Stefan thanks for showing the photos from your collection!..
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    Poignant imagery from an time not too far gone. Sadly, these conditions of isolation, starvation, racism, subjugation still exist today.

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