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Article about: I was wondering if it was possible for the forum to watermark all uploaded images posted on the site ? Having heard of both photos being reproduced and sold , also images of other peoples it

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    I agree. This would be very useful--- not implemented as compulsory of course, rather as an optional feature.

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    I believe a watermark in the corner of a photo is easily cropped and rendered virtually useless rather easily. I have and do watermark some of my photos. I've found it necessary as they have appeared elsewhere, including being offered for sale by those unscrupulous. When I do watermark, I try not to be overly intrusive while at the same time establishing ownership to help dissuade those of nefarious purposes from using them.

    That being said, with a little effort, I could remove just about any watermark from a given photo. It can be done and there is little that can be done to prevent it.

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    If it is not compulsory that is fine.
    Sadly I think it prudent to have something, even if it can be cropped out to slow down, or at least be able to link
    a photo back to hear and its owner is being used for unscrupulous ends.
    I do not have high value or elite , rare items just want to help make sure the best and beginners here can all have a chance
    work together and get a step a two ahead of crooks all the better.

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    Any watermark can of course be removed, to varying degrees of success --- but there's no doubt that this is an issue for a lot of people... so, I figure -- as long as it's possible to implement and remains optional... another obstacle to prevent misuse of images created by members --- why not.

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    It was only a thought , when and if I ever get this old Mac updated , I will start to watermark my posts .
    Not that I have many rare photos or anything , but it more just the point of protecting what is mine .
    Thanks for all the comments .

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