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well look what i found

Article about: now the mg 34 ,if my memory serves me right was that the gun used on hoth

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    Default Re: well look what i found

    post away dean ,great stuff ,but on a serious note id like your thoughts on this helmet ,its a double decal heer helmet,unfortunately no liner or chinstrap allthough stated as a heer stahlhelm to me it looks more civic/police issue .also the light blue colour troubles me ,i reckon it's a 1970's replica myself 007.jpg008.jpg009.jpg

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    yes James it's a Feuerschutzpolizei m34 with fake heer/tricolor decals on it i would pass

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    I use it in my second job.............

    Whats that Adrian?? scaring the sh*t out of the local kids!!! lol...Cheers Terry

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    I suppose I fall into that category of Geek/nerd, I had the same Action man figure and uniform along with 15 other figures in German and British tommy uniforms, I changed my helmet by adding a camo cover, removing the naff breast eagle and painting a silver eagle on their arms, they all had MP 40s, I have one now that is an officer Fallshirmjager in jump smock and cap ,bugger I admitted it

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    well to carry on the starwars theme alongside militaria ,here's my example of dewback saddle bag ,dated 1943Tornister_Dewback_01.jpg008.jpg007.jpg006.jpg004.jpg003.jpg002.jpg010.jpg

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    Sorry James mate, I don't like that blue double decal. It's subtle, but the decals are slightly out of proportion. Otherwise a scary fake.

    While we are on the subject of slightly Nazi-esque sci-fi. Starship troopers reeks of it.

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    thanks for the confirmation of a possible bogus stahlhelm andy and fabe this is an interesting referance picture ,are the helmet covers soviet ameoba patternBundesarchiv_Bild_101I-216-0417-26_Russland_Soldaten_in_Stellung.jpg

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    I think they are yes, well spotted mate. Right time of the war, and a captured PTRD too.

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