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What do we have here? German & english WW2 & WW1 items

Article about: Hi everyone, I made a thread recently but i couldnt find it sorry so i will post it here. A friends grandfather is now quite old and lives in the UK and has quite a collection of stuff he go

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    By Sheelagh !!!!! Struth ......

    The Glider pilot helmet

    Thats near to £2000 GBP alone !!

    Check to see if the helmet is named ....... It could be D-Day - Arnhem related ......
    If so ....... start adding the GBP's !

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    Thanks Leon, i cant wait to see these in person and get as many pictures of labels, tags, markings on each of these . I have all the best camera equipment as i am a photographer so you will all se exactly what he has

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    I just asked him about the Periscope and he said it belonged to his great grand father ! so this stuff is all coming from his familys involement in ww1 & ww2 by the looks

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    Also about the gliders helmet.....

    "I think the gliders helmet belonged to my grandfather as well. He flew the Airspeed Horsa and the Waco Hadrian (both of which are gliders) for periods during WW2"

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    What was his name ?

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    Hi Gary his name is Henry Dick

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    Im pretty sure this part of the collection is already here in Australia . His flying stuff...

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