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What do we have here? German & english WW2 & WW1 items

Article about: Hi everyone, I made a thread recently but i couldnt find it sorry so i will post it here. A friends grandfather is now quite old and lives in the UK and has quite a collection of stuff he go

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    Default What do we have here? German & english WW2 & WW1 items

    Hi everyone,
    I made a thread recently but i couldnt find it sorry so i will post it here.
    A friends grandfather is now quite old and lives in the UK and has quite a collection of stuff he got during the war and stuff he collected. No one in his family there showed to much intrest but his grandson here in Australia is super keen to keep it all in the family. The original pictures i had wernt the best so i asked for better ones to see what he may have.
    Once he gets the items here to Australia i will go around and do a whole lot of better photos and close ups of markings etc for you all. From mysmall amout of experience it looks like there are quite a few good items in there.

    Please omment on anything you with to see better pictures of and i will make sure i get some better shots of them when they arrive in West oz.

    Thanks guys!!!!

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    looks like some good stuff!! would like to see some close ups of the dagger, and helmets, when they come in!

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    There are some great items there! I would need to see more photos of the Infantry officer cap. The piping is incredibly thick, which interests me. There is also a Kreigsmarine hat which looks good to me. (the name completely escaped me, it's 1:30 so I hope I can be excused).

    Both hats are original in my eyes, from what I can see. The material used in the Officer cap is also interesting. I'm looking forward to more photos.

    The beret with the nice bullion insignia is also quite nice.

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    There is a small fortune right here. By the looks of it the grandfather didn't had a specific collector field, which is kind of bad imo. Nice pieces anyways, though!

    I would love to see some closer pictures of the two German helmets, the black German Kriegsmarine hat, the Soviet Helmet and the American M-1 helmet
    I suspect that the M-1 is post WWII, possibly Vietnam era?

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    Nice little grouping, all I can really point out is the SA dagger has been messed with, the blade is backwards,as the eagle and SA button on the grip should be on the same side as the etching, also the bayonet troddel does not belong where a leather hanging clip should be, but these things happen alot with items so old.

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    You certainly have a few goodies there...I particularly like the Kriegsmarine cap from the Battleship/Battle-Cruiser Scharnhorst, sunk in 1943 with only 36 survivors out of a crew of 1,968 men...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Wow Glen, i will pass all this info on!
    Also thankyou all for info. Sounds like he has some really important stuff there. I will get out my really good camera gear and photograph each item really well and post them up as soon as they arrive here

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    Lot of nice stuff! I like the dress KS98 bayonet knot on dagger scabbard. timothy

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    Anything special about the perescope? WW1 british???

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    Quote by tailor marc View Post
    Anything special about the perescope? WW1 british???
    Hi ,the periscope looks like a nice piece, there is a WW1 type other ranks RA cap there and the periscope is named to someone in the RA so they may belong together. I too love the Scharnhorst cap and those Adrian helmets are quality to. There are some great items here, the family must be off their rockers if they did not want this stuff, even if it were for the large pile of cash they would have received selling it!! Leon.
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