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what is the oldest item you have in your collection?

Article about: I too have a small collection of fossils etc. But in terms of militaria the oldest item I have is probably a Napoleonic era British Artillery button that came in a box of odds at auction. Th

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    Quote by Jerry B View Post
    Like trond's items, these are things I could not keep as they were found on excavation, except those in the last picture.

    The first picture are flint hand axes from Swanscombe in Kent in England and date from circa 300,000 years BC from the lower paleolithic period, the second picture is 4 views of a late upper paleolithic or mesolithic period axe from near Chepstow in S. Wales and were found by me, except on in the first picture.

    The last picture are ones that I still have, some I dug up and others I bought.
    Well done indeed Jerry There's some good craftsmanship in some of these items. I have tried flint napping on a few occasions and it's not easy at all!

    Regards, Lars

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    Here are a couple of interesting(I think so,anyway!) pieces of Irish History. The first crude looking but massive hunk of iron Pike was found in a drywall of a torn down cottage in the Western Ireland town of Cahirciveen. It was made by a blacksmith for the 1798 Rebellion as was the bearded Pike in the 3rd photo. It's interesting to see the differences between a Blacksmith piece from that of an Armory made piece. Note the "rein cutter" on it-it was designed specifically to unhorse the Sassenach invader before you stuck your Pike into his guts... The Armory Pike I obtained on my last trip to Dublin more years ago than I care to think about! Somewhere around the house, I have some other bits from Eire, such as a stone axe head, a stone arrow, a stone scraper and a bronze arrowhead, but until I stumble into them again, they'll have to stay snuggly packed for now.


    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Great items!
    I like them both!!!

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    10th november 1813 Nivelle army gsm
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    Nice medal rory!!!

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    Some of my oldest items, Roman Denars.
    Domitian, Augustus (1st Roman emperor), Vitellius, Vespasian, Hadrian.
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    1812 sword

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    G.W. gave one like this to George Rogers Clark at the end of the war when he made him a general

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    Not the oldest, but certainly the largest item in my collection of historical items,
    The 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu, 307.
    It was liberated from Stockton California in 2010.
    It was not (as some people might think) produced in Solingen Germany, but in Fremont California, United States of America.
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    Quote by colt45 View Post
    G.W. gave one like this to George Rogers Clark at the end of the war when he made him a general
    i really like this sword!

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