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what is the oldest item you have in your collection?

Article about: I too have a small collection of fossils etc. But in terms of militaria the oldest item I have is probably a Napoleonic era British Artillery button that came in a box of odds at auction. Th

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    Great stuff all
    One of the oldest I can think of off hand from my junk pile -- 1871-95 type Württemberg buckle

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    Quote by Dimas View Post
    That is due prevent the selling ancient drahmas, and prevent hunting for them
    Actually if you use a metal detector here in Greece even in some parks in Athens
    you will find dozens of coins swords armor almost everything and everywhere! so to prevent illicit trade in antiquities we have very strict laws about buying ancient coins etc.
    Also if you find something that's from ancient Greece you have to immediately give it to a museum otherwise if the authorities find it in your house you can go to jail for up to 10 years!!

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    I'll throw my name in there. I have a couple of WW1 items, so who knows if this is the oldest, but it is certainly my favorite!

    Here is the original thread for more pics! M-16 Camo, with helmet and chin strap!


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    Quote by GreekMilitaria View Post
    You can call some archaeologists to pick up those items
    you can also donate your finds into a museum!
    I have my own small museum. I dont donate to any musea anymore.

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    Quote by Feuerbach View Post
    I have my own small museum. I dont donate to any musea anymore.
    if it's legal in Luxembourg then why not :P if i were you , i would do the same xD

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    Well I will stick to "old" Military items, First a Javalin Point that I understand is about 2500 years old, found in "Luristan". then a Couple of "old" Canadian Related Medals, the 1866 Canadian General Service Medal for the Fenian Raids, and a far rarer British General Service Medal with a couple of "Canadian Bars"...EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT!!!! ( well if you collect British Medals as they don't get much better than this one, too bad the Name has been removed!!!)

    Dean O
    Ajax Canada

    PNT 001.jpgPNT 002.jpgPNT 003.jpgPNT 004.jpgPNT 005.jpg

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    Is metal detecting legal in Luxembourg? If so, then I'd be over that Roman Fort like a bloodhound after a convict!

    Dean-I very much like that Chateauguay bar! I'm related to just about the entire old town there! That is a Very nice badge!
    Last edited by Wagriff; 07-20-2014 at 06:16 PM.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Wagriff, I Told the Members to eat their Hearts out on this ONE!!!! Most do not know what these very rare Medals mean...Thank you for your comment, I kinda like the other Bar more, as Brock lead that one, I Truly belive if he had not been Killed at Queenston Heights, the War would have been over much erlier and more in out ( The Canadian ) Favour~!!
    No Insualt intended..just Friendly abanter.

    Take Care

    Dean O
    Ajax Ontario Canada

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    My oldest items would have to be these American Civil War projectiles.
    Two Minnie's and an unidentified smooth bore


    And this North American Indian flint arrow head. I have no idea of age for obvious reasons. Could be a couple of hundred years old , could be a thousand years old. Who knows.


    I like holding this item as it takes my mind's eye back to a camp fire and an indigenous North American chipping away on it. It's just divine in my eye's....

    I must thank members Eric and Todd for these.

    All the best gents


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    Default Old sword hand forged

    This is the oldest item I have in military , an old hand forged sword and leather scabbard. I don't know which country it came from but I am guessing it is Scottish. Anyone with info on it I would appreciate knowing more about it.sword 017.jpgsword 018.jpgsword 005.jpgsword 006.jpgsword 009.jpgsword 008.jpgsword 007.jpgsword 010.jpgsword 012.jpg

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