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what is the oldest item you have in your collection?

Article about: I too have a small collection of fossils etc. But in terms of militaria the oldest item I have is probably a Napoleonic era British Artillery button that came in a box of odds at auction. Th

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    Quote by S.Vestae View Post
    For Jerry, my Roman Gold ring found in UK...

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    A Beauty! One of the best Roman rings I've seen. Thanks for posting.

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    Quote by herrzark View Post
    My oldest item is actually a coin i have from my grandmother.I have it from little child and dont know about it..Maybe it is french from 1511 or 1754.someone who knows better maybe can help.and some arabic coins that from time have diasapeared and can not see nothing what it was
    the top is Holy Roman Empire, not french, the bottom is Ottoman, Mahmud II, AH 1223 (1809 AD)

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    Quote by Logictox View Post
    My father got this in the late 40's. We only know that it was made sometime around 1450. It's not military but it is old.
    Not around 1450. Early 19th cent., but very nice. Is it bronze? (the statue). Is it signed? If so it's of great value.

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    My earliest item is nothing fancy, but has been in the family for a time. It's a 75mm shell casing from Norway, 1940, probably from a field gun or an anti-aircraft gun.

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    The worst thing about living in Latin America is there are no fine antiquities, German Militaria, or flea markets or gun shows to satisfy my love of finely made antiquities..

    But here are some spindle-weights used by pre-columbian indians the locals were digging up in Nicaragua. I paid about $2 each and accompanied them to the site several days to verify the findings.
    I donated them all to the museum at Ometepe, as I didn't want to carry them around. But I love the designs they show.
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    Quote by der alte oberst View Post
    the top is Holy Roman Empire, not french, the bottom is Ottoman, Mahmud II, AH 1223 (1809 AD)
    WOW.You could find what my coin is??I believed that cause of its condition i could never find what it is.You are Amazing.Great.Thank you very very much

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    Quote by der alte oberst View Post
    the top is Holy Roman Empire, not french, the bottom is Ottoman, Mahmud II, AH 1223 (1809 AD)
    Indeed Francis the first.

    File:Francis I Coin.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    i mean about the ottoman coins.Very hard to see what they are..Little letters to see and not clear

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    Here is my large Bhoddisatva Quan Yin that sits in my living room in front of an ancient Japanese sumi e scroll with a bamboo motif. She's probably 19th century and was painted up colorfully at one time. I put a vintage Gurkha Kukri in her lap.
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    Thanks. The silver piece is the valuable one. Francis was duke of Lorrain and of Tuscany in Italy (it was against the law for Maria Theresa to become Holy Roman Emperor because she was a woman, so her weaker husband held these lands as emperor even tho M.Theresa had the balls and dominated).
    Here's a better picture of your coin. Note the shield of Lorrain (left side of shield in eagle breast,) and Tuscany,(the arms of Lorenzo the Magnificant!), on the right.
    You have a real historical piece here.
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