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what is the oldest item you have in your collection?

Article about: I too have a small collection of fossils etc. But in terms of militaria the oldest item I have is probably a Napoleonic era British Artillery button that came in a box of odds at auction. Th

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    Quote by Jerry B View Post
    Probably the strangest item shown so far.
    I always assumed it was a powder flask but i owned it for about 15 years before finding out what it was made of. I'm currently considering auctioning it.

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    Diamonds used to be a girls best friend but in Persia it was a woman's powder flask.

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    Quote by stuka f View Post
    Nice sabre indeed!
    I hope geting mine next month;
    A beautiful example. I will be very jealous; yours has a scabbard I have been looking for an original for years, to no avail.

    I hope you get it!

    Best regards,

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    Initially, in an earlier post, I replied "Me" as being the oldest thing in my collection; but seriously, the oldest item that I have at present is a small piece of the outer skin of the HIndenburg LZ 129 disaster of May 6, 1937.

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    What an enjoyable thread to peruse! Lots of wonderful history contained here.

    My oldest is this Model 1873 Springfield "Trapdoor" rifle; cartouche 1883 with serial number corresponding to same year. Model 1887 sling is an original but undated.


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    This percussion musket is the oldest thing I have,it`s .60 cal. and I think from the 1860`s...Pete.
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    Found this laying about near Passchendaele, note the pin.

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    My oldest item is the sweet potato fossil
    fosil ketela.jpg

    For military related, the clasp "Atjeh 1896-1900" of dutch medal ereteken voor belangrijke krijgsbedrijven or expeditiekruis Expedition Cross - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    DSC02733 1.jpg
    Be grateful for the ones who lived near the antique market

    Primary target: NEI cloned stahlhelm aka Braat Soerabaija Stahlhelm M1940. Currently have: 4

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    Oldest item is going to be thise one when it comes in.
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    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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