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What will happen to your collection when you're gone?

Article about: I would hope that I am a long ways away from being six-feet-under, but I've always wondered what will happen to my collection when I'm gone. I think family members and friends would be very

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    Default Re: What will happen to your collection when you're gone?

    My collection is going to my 11 year old daughter, hopefully when she is about 53. Ella is from a military family; sister RAF Medic, brother-in-law RAF Techie, mum ex-RAF, me MOD photographer. Ella even wants to go out metal detecting with me so things are looking hopeful for her appreciating matters military!
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    Default Re: What will happen to your collection when you're gone?

    I will leave my collection to my kids, as most of you plan on doing as well. Hopefully a son or two will have the same interest that I do.

    As to museums... A friend of mine's grandparents bought a very old house in rural Pennsylvania that once belonged to a Union Colonel. In the attic they found a trunk that contained his saber, book collection, uniform, etc. It was all donated to a museum in Pittburgh that 'lost' it. I will never be donating to a museum.

    If money isn't an issue in the distant future, and nobody in my family has an interest in it, I will go give it all to some kid who I am sure will take care of it. I know that if someone would have handed me an entire collection for free when I was 11, I would have s*** my pants.

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    Default Re: What will happen to your collection when you're gone?

    hope to leave it to my he is 1 years old.who knows

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    Default Re: What will happen to your collection when you're gone?

    The bigger question for me is "What will happen to my sons collection when he goes off to college and the military. I'm thinking his trunk(s) full of stuff will be occupying space in my office for a very very long time! But as a conselation, I'm sure he won't mind if a add a few HELMETS to the shelf while he is away

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    I see some of you think you'll go first than your wifes.. well it may not be that way. This is a very good issue specially for those who do not have kids and are now on their 50's 60's. In fact many things may happen to the collection if we're the ones to go first:
    1- Your son / grandson does care - problem solved
    2- You "brainwash" your son / grandson (as "our" Adrian did) - problem solved
    3- Your wife and / or relatives don't care (they just don't give a s... about your collection and give it away or sell it for ridiculous prices).
    4- You go in young age and left no instructions
    So to me the thing is (if you don't have a son you know it'll take care of it) leave your instructions on a will. It's the only way to be sure that things will happen the way you wanted. Remember that a collection is something that takes a life to grow and can go away just like that in the wrong hands. Sadly there are old people that are put away on houses because of their age or because they are "not very much aware" anymore (remember the fisrt scene on Depp's movie The Ninth Gate ?)

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    Default Re: What will happen to your collection when you're gone?

    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    All sorted.

    It is going to my Grandson, whom I have brainwashed since birth (now aged 9) and he is really interested in the whole subject.

    I honestly would not leave anything to a museum having seen first hand how many operate. Better to sell it and enjoy the money or let your family enjoy the money.

    Cheers, Ade.
    I will do same as you Adrian but lets hope such an occurrence is a very long way off yet eh lol! Regards, Tim.

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    Default Re: What will happen to your collection when you're gone?

    I've made arrangements that my wife will ship my iron cross collection
    to a good collector friend. He will sell them and give the money to my wife.
    He gets to keep a couple of the more rare pieces to fill some gaps in his collection.

    We have no family to pass it on to.
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    Default Re: What will happen to your collection when you're gone?

    This is a time when TRUST will make the difference.Leave instructions to your heirs of who to contact.The dealer should be someone that you have done business for a while.Send the entire estate of collectibles to the selected dealer they will appraise is and either cut a check or sell it on consignment ,it might take a couple of years but at least your family will benefit.There are all sorts of deals to make The dealer sells the stuff keeps 50% and sends the rest to your heirs.The problem is that the family will not get as much if you sell it yourself before you enter Valhalla.As long as everybody wins thats great.

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