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What would you do ?

Article about: Gday all, Noticed something in the classifieds last night.I will not name the item but this particular piece of militatia was highly under valued due to mis-identification. This particular i

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    Quote by Thanatos View Post
    It's funny how some shipments make it through customs and some do not when the contents are similar.
    Also things like double edged daggers you have trouble importing yet I can import a 70lb Compound Bow with two dozen shafts no worries.
    Makes you wonder
    Aussie customs are fine as long as you notify them what you are bringing in and get the paperwork this takes a bit longer but ensures there will be no problems , i've sent lots of M24's , M43 's , RGD 33's over and they are quite happy !!
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    I just had it happening (!!! again!!)to me on thise very forum.
    As many of you know, I am selling out my ground dugs in order to up-grade my collection to less damaged items ( but I am considering keping one or two.... ;-) !!)
    So I made a list with pictures and prices to be seen by anyone asking for it.
    At one time two items were asked for by a forum member, and only one payed for (recording our agreement!).
    At the day I was planning to send his items I got a message from a other forum member asking for one of the items that was sold and offering me over 3 times the price I was asking for, I could easely pretend all sorts of excuses to the original buyer in order to make profit, but that is not me.
    What I did is informed the buyer of what was happening and let him decide if he would sell to the new bidder, as it legaly was his at that momment.
    And he did. We are talking here 300 euro's. So I understand him fully, I would have done the same.
    But what pisses me off is that he didn't send me a thank you word, he just mentioned the sale in a PS in a PM.
    AND that he still owns me money for the second item, on wich we agreed he could pay me for thise month; in order to save postage costs I sended it with the first item.
    When I asked him for the last 45 euro, he answered it would be payed thise mounth just like we agreed....
    THAT is something that makes me furious.
    There is ONE reason that might give him ...som credit about thise behavour and that would be the same reason why I am not mentioning his name on the forum or to the mod's.
    But I am disappointed (once again!!!!).
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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