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What are you currently reading?

Article about: I always enjoy stumbling on good books that I haven't read or noticed before. Please share the book or books that you are currently reading . I'm sorry if a thread of this sort has already b

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    Very nice books you all! I've read some of them!
    For my name day i got a book as a gift... 'Heroes fight like Greeks' (quote from Winston Churchil) !
    I just love it! I has plenty of images from the Albanian front and a lot of images from items owned by a Greek collector! He has an antique store in Thessaloniki and in his site i found the Veste Kreta newspaper i posted some days ago that i ordered right away!
    The book is for the Greek - Italian war from the 'No' day on 28th of October 1940 to the involvement of the Germans with the operation Marita on the 6th of April 1941!
    A perfect book with many pictures and description of every combat that took place from original war reports.
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    Just bought this Russian memoir.

    Guns Against the Reich: Memoirs of an Artillery Officer on the Eastern Front


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    I can not read Russian, but I just received this great book on
    Early German wound badges. Hard bound, large sized and
    480 pages filled with LOTS of pictures of WBs that give great
    details of the different and rare variations.

    This makes me want to learn Russian.
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    I just started today so there will be no critiques as of now

    Thanks Kirk. I hope you are healing well.
    Semper Fi Bro

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    71-hyj8UJbL_zps989d2643.jpgI'm just about finished reading this one. Carius didn't seem to have a very high opinion of Americans but the book is still a very good read.

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    There looks to be some really great books in this thread. It should help keep me busy for a while.

    Currently I'm reading "Auschwitz: A New History" by Laurence Rees.


    After this I have Band of Brothers queued up and then I'll have to look into some of the others listed here.

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    Right now it's Invasion 1914 by Ian Senior and The Siege of Brest 1941 by Rostislav Aliev, both good books and the second one is extremely in depth, quite informative if you are interested on that particular period of WW2.


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    I'm about a third of the way through: No Parachute by Arthur Lee. It's an account of a pilot in the Great War who flew Pups and was taken from letters written to his wife as well as diary entries.

    I have to say it is absolutely fascinating as well as very well written!


    No Parachute.jpg

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    I'm reading 'In Deadly Combat by Gottlob Herbert Bidermann'. Great read so far and I'm only a few pages in!


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