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What are you currently reading?

Article about: I always enjoy stumbling on good books that I haven't read or noticed before. Please share the book or books that you are currently reading . I'm sorry if a thread of this sort has already b

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    I'm going to start on this one today.



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    That looks like a very interesting read. I just ordered it from Amazon.

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    Hey John. That's great! I think it's going to be a good one.


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    Nice one !
    I got in a similar subject focusing on Lidiya Litvak by Bill Yenne. So far I see its fleshed out by general history of Soviet Union , womens opportunities in USSR . Sadly its hard to focus on her life as not much is known it seems and she was forgotten after her crash without trace so that her Hero medal wasn't granted until 1990 under Gorbachev. Even her nickname the White Rose of Stalingrad was given by her opponents who came to respect the white lily painted under the cockpit of her Yak.
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    Definitely. The German accounts have informed collecting and our view of the Red Army so there is a prejudice in general circles... something this forum re dresses .

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    "I'm not Perfect" by J.L. Coleman.

    This is a small book written by a former Army Ranger who has
    battled a bad childhood, war, depression and drugs.

    It is not for everyone as it is not a story, it is more of a collection
    of thoughts. My wife read it in about 2 hours and it had her in
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    I picked up the 8 volume set containing the "War Diaries of the High Command of the Wehrmacht" and the 3 volume set containing the "Official Public Communiques of the Wehrmacht" (Wehrmachtsberichte '39-'45)...Both in German, and excellent study material...not to mention good bedtime reading...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Currently halfway through this book.

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    Its a really illuminating read as to how the soldiers thought at the time without thinking about an audience.

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    Your right about that Rob,you read about different things happening but when you Hear it more or less coming from the soldiers mouth it puts a different slant on it.

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