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What are you grateful for?/What has this forum taught you?

Article about: Even though it is not thanksgiving, why don't we say what we are grateful for in this forum. Let me start: I am first of all grateful for the community itself, I've never met such an array o

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    Default Re: What are you grateful for?/What has this forum taught you?

    got to agree with everything said above,its a brilliant forum,ive learnt a lot and i love the banter,,,,,adam

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    Default Re: What are you grateful for?/What has this forum taught you?

    Great idea!

    I'm really grateful for all the nice people i have got to know and that the highly experienced people here are so willing to share their knowledge. On other fora you have to "be" somebody or you will get ignored or worse. I have learned so many things about areas of collecting i don't even have special interest in other than a general interest of course. This have given me a wide array of knowledge of collecting as a whole. All in all i really enjoy the community here and sharing my knowledge which of course mostly are battlefield archaeology oriented, but from knowledge gained here in can be helpful in other areas now.

    Lastly i am happy about getting the opportunity to sell an scout for USSR/relic items for collectors around the world. It helps sponsor our digging and help me providing my family at times. It's not that easy getting the same work here as back in Denmark. I do not speak good enough Russian to work as a electrician yet. Also it will take some time before my wife can work again. Our daughter is six months. So i am very grateful to our community.

    Regards, Lars

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