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What is your favorite subject or time period in history besides WWI and WWII?

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    Default Re: What is your favorite subject or time period in history besides WWI and WWII?

    I enjoy reading about the Roman frontiers of Germania and Britannia, and of the Roman Empire as a whole. My father serve with the US military and for a while we were based near the East German border, so I have always had an interest in frontier military communities. I now live in Scotland, so like to visit Roman sites along the Hadrian Wall areas. I enjoy reading about Roman art and culture. I'm also interested in the Dark Age period of Britain.

    Another interest, brought on by a lifetime of watching Westerns and a spell living in Arizona, is the Native American culture of the American Southwest. I have a small collection of Navajo and Hopi items, and loved trekking the desert in Arizona looking for 'Indian' sites.

    Lastly, having lived in West Germany as a teen during the 1970s, I have a special interest in the Cold War period and of the US military communities that I was once a part of.

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    I love DIFFERENT MINDSETS and all history that can show us such. I guess I'm tired of the boring "McDonaldization" of the world today. Here in Central America I'm fascinated by the pre-colonial Indiginous mind-set. Here are some pictures of stuff I got from the locals who spend hours down on the ground looking for ancient beads.
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    I like American history in general with a special emphasis on the Cold War.

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    My primary interest is WW 2 in Europe, But My first and continuing interest is the Civil War - Confederate specifically. I got interested in that about my Sophomore yr of high school.
    I became interested in Viet Nam several years before i got there. Because of that early interest I picked up and sent home lots of things to include 3 papered war trophy firearms.
    I'll get some photos up eventually, but currently have a computer problem.

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    I'd have to say the Roaring 20s is one of my favorite time periods because there was so much changing all over the world. But also I'm very interested in the Korean War due to the vast majority of my family servered in it, and also because it is the forgotten war in America.

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    Quote by Sir Payne View Post
    Those are some good ones. The Civil War is one of my favorite as well.

    I have always had a deep interest in the Napoleonic Wars. I like the large scale battles and campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars as well as the tactics that were employed. The gentlemanly aspect of how wars were fought in those centuries just draws me in. Conquest was all about honor and dignity, even when so much was at stake. For example: In the beginning of the battle of Waterloo, Wellington had the chance to kill Napoleon when he rode his horse into range of the British artillery. He chose not to out of respect for his enemy. If something like that happened today, it would be all over CNN, and the commanding officer would probably lose his job.

    I am surprised to notice that I had not commented on this thread.

    All periods interest me, from our earliest origins up till more recent times, though the Dark ages and Viking periods were a favorite in my younger days. Obviously WWII but I find myself more interested in the wars of earlier periods these days, WWI and the Great war against France, or as it is more commonly known these days the Napoleonic wars. Which brings me to the point of quoting Sir Payne's comments above. After reading quite a bit on this war I would tend to disagree about the gentlemanly conduct of the war, certainly as far as it affected the rank & file for whom it was a brutal war of attrition and gruesome wounds and slow painful deaths. The use of canister and round shot caused horrendous wounds and many of these were left to die lingering and painful deaths, especially for those who lost that particular action as the wounded of the defeated were often left on the field of battle for days before anything, if at all was done for them apart from the camp followers and others looting them and often killing them in the process. The actions of the French forces during the Peninsula wars were noted as being particularly brutal and those of the alliance were often no better with natives of Portugal and Spain both being noted for their ill treatment of any French troops and off course after the capture of a number of fortified places the British troops went on a rampage of such a nature as to be so dreadful that even the allied inhabitants of such places were not safe from them.

    Also the use of massed ranks of infantry standing and firing en masse at each other which then would be followed up with the bayonet must have been very brutal and so many examples from these wars exist of the dreadful actions undertaken, often by both side. The battle of Albuhera where it is recorded that the Lancers were likely all drunk on Vodka and took delight in the brutal slaying of the allied infantry caught in line from the flank is quite grim reading.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Apart from WW2 history my other historical interest would be the history of japan, Battles, samurai culture and swords.
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    I love almost everything history related, so it's hard to pick. I like Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. The Russian Empire and Finnish Grand Duchy as a part of it. The Cold War etc. Also the Finnish Civil War and the Kinship Wars. My Great-Grandfather served in the Finnish Civil War on the side of white troops.

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    Other than the two major World Wars, I'm interest with the Russo-Japanese War which how the Imperial Japan won over Imperial Russia, lots of fascinating battles including Hill 203, Battle of Tsushima (Sea of Japan). Also the well known "Forgotten War" ---- Korean War, I especially like the air battles.

    My other favorite subject is about keeping tropical fish (Fresh Water).


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    I am interested in the American Civil War, and I am also becoming interested in the Seven Years' War, which was both an important point in the forging of Britain's empire and also a starting point for American Independence. I am writing an essay about it at the moment, although it is more about the policies of Pitt the elder, a figure who I am by now utterly sick of!

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