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What Was Your First Fake?

Article about: t When i was a 13yr old snotty little kid a regular haunt of mine was The Angel at Islington every Saturday, on one of the stalls there was a nice looking pole eagle in a lovely looking gold

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    Thanks to this forum, I haven't bought a fake in a really long time. The only fake things I have, are things that came from a man who had a medal and badge shop at Smiley's flea market in my Hometown, Hendersonville, NC. I started spending every penney of my money there when I was 10, and I kept buying things from him until he closed down when I was 13. I bought a ton of fake badges and medals from him, but I at least got a good number of original patches. Old geezer ripped me off for three years of my 'hard earned' birthday money.

    The funny thing is that I don;'t really want to get rid of any of it. It is all serving in my display until they are all gradually replaced.

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    I have been trying to think of my first fake but the only thing that stands out to me is a Luger that my dad bought with me at a gun show in the 90's. I was 11 and my dad was not a fan of anything with a Swas. We found a guy at the Houston Gun Collectors show that was selling DWM Lugers. My dad found one that we were both happy with (since he was buying it because it was my favorite pistol) and off we were. While finishing walking through the gun show we were flagged down by a now long time friend Jim McLester. He asked if the Luger was for sale and after a short chat with my dad advised him that they pistol had been completely re-done. We recieved a quick education on the world of collecting after which my dad marched back over to the table where he bought the pistol and recieved his money back. That was the start of our Luger collecting and my TR collecting.

    As for my I can not remember my first fake although I have had my fair share throughout the years. I do remember my last though. Sadly it was since I have been a part of this forum. I bought a few fake items mixed in with a few good items from a gun show. funny enough I actually broke even with what was original vs. what was fake. Still hurts though. I have now reserved myself to buy from very reputable dealers or do my own reaserch and know what I am getting into.

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    Where do I start? I bought 3 things and all were fake.

    In Buenos Aries I picked up a hat tally band from the Graf Spree, A Reich Adler Africa corp metal hat badge. Yeah whatever.

    An Ebay buy from france m 42 helmet small size so a hitler youth thing. I'm pissed off about the helmet cause i paid too much. But it is a nice looking fake and it looks just fine as a wall hanger in my garage.

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    I have a stack of fake badges And insignia a mate gave me recently, he wanted rid of them and I have them in a big pile on my display shelf, dunno why, they look good all piled up.

    I have never unknowingly bought a fake, I have bought fake stuff that I know is fake just to have it.....or have a badge to play with, all cheap as, but just fun to have as a reference. I have a solid black wound badge, which is ow silver due to the paint coming off, but it fits perfectly inside a authentic hollow wound badge, obviously one was used as a mould for this fake!!!!!!

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    Oops sorry I did buy a fake party badge.....recently, that is my first, got a refund and a fair dinkum one in return

    I should have known better, marked M9.... I didn't do my research

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    My first fake was a boar war bayonet from a boot sale It was one of the first things I brought I was soooooo happy I only found out last year it was a fake lol but live and Learn I guess ...

    My most memorable fake was a iron cross on eBay I through it was real and u guess the other birders did too it was bid to 50 pounds and I won it ! It was nit until later I'n that evening when I had just paid for it that I read the VERY small print saying itmwas a repicla ! The guy would not give me my money back so I've still got my expensive fake ! I now on 5 real ones !

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    the first fake till now is the ring i have as profile photo.To remind me this think and because it is the first item i bought for my collection.It all started before 4 years when an old man said to me that it was a gestapo ring .I believe he was telling the truth till i found in forums that it is a fake item ....

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    A couple of post war stamped erkunnegsmarken. Needless to say they got snapped into little pieces and trashed accordingly. The other photos here are other fakes for comparison. Note the similar 'O', 'K' and the short legged 'R' in addition to the sans serif font and all caps lettering in some cases.

    Fake Nebelwerfer.jpgFake IR79.jpgFake Pnz Jag 532.jpgFake Pz Ers.jpgFake Panzer Jag.jpg

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