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What was your first item?

Article about: A karneth kvk2 with swords and a Wiedmann ostmedaille.

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    Default Re: What was your first item?

    A karneth kvk2 with swords and a Wiedmann ostmedaille.

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    Reading over some of these I feel really inadequate but for me it was the good old 1935 Tag Der Arbeit tinnie!

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    A relic m42 found in Estonia

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    my first items that got me into collecting were a wwI us army gas mask bag (which had seen Alot of dead ducks) and a named korean war purple heart, i was given these items at the advanced age of 6, because i "liked to play war" my moms uncle had used the bag as a duck bag, and was a bit tatty by then, he got the purple heart from the man who had earned it. and didn't want it anymore. but i still have them and wont get rid of them.

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    Though this flag is in poor shape, and of little value, it is the most prized item in my collection. It was given to me at the age of 13 by the person who used it. He was a harbour pilot, and carried the flag in his briefcase. It would be hoisted when he took control of a vessel. This fellow was friends with my father, and took the time to admire and comment each piece of my very modest collection of Bundeswehr items I had gathered. Just before we moved to Canada in 1967 he gave me this flag. I now wish I would have been old enough to find out some of his experiences.
    At the age I was, I was very proud own an item from someone who actually used it. The little flag will always have a special place in my collection.
    It is interesting to note that almost all examples of this type of flag I have seen have mothing problems.

    Pilots Flag 1.jpg

    Pilots Flag 2.jpg

    Pilots Flag 3.jpg

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    My first military item I got in the summer of 1969: a Japanese katana,
    brought back by my friend's father from Indonesia. The copper parts were
    replaced there, but are not original.


    What my first German item was I cannot remember: it's too long ago.
    I owned what is at the photograph from August 1970 (Schmeisser with
    licence as this is needed here), plus about 30 orders and decorations,
    some party pins; one mint German helmet (picked up from a young lad
    for trade with a bag of shag), a bayonet with tan web frog, two buckles
    and two shooting cords and an officer's parade aiguillette. I velieve there was
    an SA dagger behind the flag.
    I though an aluminum eagle with wreath from an army visored cap were
    the first German items I got.

    "Wir sollen auch unser Leben für die Brüder lassen" (1.Joh.3.16):
    zum Gedächtnis Wilhelm Schenk. Er starb fürs Vaterland am 13. Juni 1916

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    My first item to what was soon to become a collection was a flyer from 20.4.1945, from Hitlers last birthday. Flyers were illegal at the time and it's content is written down as heard on an illegal radio form London. It says a lot of things for being a 1-page document, but mainly about where various forced were at the time (in Italy, in the west and east in Europe and in the Pacific) and info about the newest successful sabotage operation in Norway. It's written in Norwegian.

    My first military item isn't as special though, it's a visor for a non-commissioned officer, DDR, a very normal piece, but still decorative.

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    A Hitler youth armband and a 25 year fateful service medal. I bought them locally from a military store when I
    was 11.

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    My great grandads WW1 medals and his home guard side cap with a prayer book that he acquired in the trenches or possibly the camp he was at.

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    My first war relic was a Hungarian carry bag from WWII, I bought it from Pheasant Run military history fest when I was 10.


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