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What was your first item?

Article about: A karneth kvk2 with swords and a Wiedmann ostmedaille.

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    My first items was this SS armband , unissued and a Heer officers dagger made by EP&S and marked "WAFFEN" .I had someone hold my stuff for me me a while back and it least I still have the armband! I've yet to see another dagger like that was in fine cond. too.

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    My first items were a police helmet, a pistol (Browning patent with Waffen marks) and a couple armbands. My brother was collecting and then without telling me started selling everything off. He had already sold most of his stuff, the best items were gone, I bought what was left. Then about 5 years later I found them in a move and I got the bug and now have a room full of items.

    "Currently looking for period items relating to the German city of Amberg."

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