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What was your first item?

Article about: A karneth kvk2 with swords and a Wiedmann ostmedaille.

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    Default What was your first item?

    Hey everyone,

    Being the Nosey person i am, i'm just wondering what everyone's first piece of militaria was and how you came about it?

    There may be a thread on this already but i cant find one so i thought id ask anyway. If this is a duplicate question, feel free to delete it!


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    Default Re: What was your first item?

    Mine was a 40mm 2 Pounder practice Anti-Tank round that my grandfather used pre-war I think, he was TA before and after the war, during the war was 71st Anti-Tank Regiment, 53rd Welsh Infantry Division, there is a picture of him on my profile page Thats when this illness began ! haha

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    Default Re: What was your first item?

    The first item i actually bought was a trench art bowl for James for valentines day. He used to do quite well from me actually until i started to keep all the things i originally bought for him

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    Default Re: What was your first item?

    A 1937 dated German gas mask canister when i was about 14, i've still got it now!...
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    Default Re: What was your first item?

    I actually think it was my 1936 Heer officer´s tunic. I bought it in the summer of 2010. I cannot remember where or how I found it, but it had to be mine. Unfortunately I bought it from someone who tried to rip me off but his attempt was stopped.
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    Default Re: What was your first item?

    Good start to a collection!

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    Default Re: What was your first item?

    I bought a EK2 and war merit medals

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    Default Re: What was your first item?

    It was a US civil war Minnie ball. I think it came from Gettysburg. Might have been Antietam.

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    Default Re: What was your first item?

    My first piece was a US ammo box I got at an surplus store when I was about 10 years old. It is probably laying somewhere out in the woods near my parent's house. I also got a Vietnam service medal when I was very young, I can't remember if it was before or after the ammo box. My next piece was a Czech bayonet that my younger brother gave me about 4 years ago. I no longer have any of these.

    My first piece that got me into collecting was an M34 German Fireman helmet that I got in an antique store in the summer of 2011. I've been collecting ever since, mostly German helmets.


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    Default Re: What was your first item?

    It was this thing, the case was dug up by my brother in about 1970. I eventually restored it with some authentic and some repro parts.


    I think it's just the base plug thats a repro now, (and the fake fuze of course) but as its marked with the same maker as the shell, I'll leave it there.
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