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What's your 'Big Fish that Got Away" story...?

Article about: I thought I would start a thread, with not much to do with pictures...just, what is your story on something you just missed out on. I know we all have stories like this, and I love hearing t

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    I didnt see that this thread had been done's still interesting to read though

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    My first love , even before Iron crosses, was daggers and fighting knives.
    Especially those related to the Commandos and Special Forces.

    I was at a military show back in the early 80's and was looking at a brightly
    polished British Commando dagger that had a US 5th SF crest stamped on it.
    I could have bought it for $125 but when I saw the "Japan Sword" makers
    mark on it, I told the dealer it was a fake and walked away. I was young and
    dumb. I've been looking for one ever sense. I know they do turn up for sale
    on occasion but I would have to sell my Harley to be able to afford on.

    I would like a SS dagger or a fancy pumpkin grip luft dagger. I think they are
    very pretty. But to me. A beautiful dagger or fighting knife is one that was
    deignedand used for one thing. Ones like the British Commando dagger ,
    the Case V42 of the FSSF, and the private purchase blades from Ek, or
    Randal, and Gerber ect. Blades that have been carried through the crap and
    have a real history to them.
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    RZM SS Helmet that was sold on ebay as a WW1 helmet last year. It sold for a paltry few hundred quid, but I was plain and simple broke at the time. Still bitter about that.

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    Good day,

    Around 12 years ago, I was informed of a large military collection for sale. I was given the address where a yard sale had been the day before. I figured most everything would be gone. I arrived to find an older woman selling off her father and grandfathers military collections. Wow. A rack of old springfield rifles starting in the early 1800s up to 1865. Then there was her grandfathers WW1 uniform and gear with presidential letters. Then the British stuff. Then the bayonets from the 1800s. Oh by the way, the rifles were pristine and everything was authentic. She told me to make an offer. I offered what I could at that time, $5000 cash. She was OK with the offer and I was very happy. That soon changed to horrible disbelief as the young boyfriend of hers walked into the house and asked why daddys stuff was being sold. Suffice to say, the deal was dead. I tried for the next year to get this collection. No deal. That collection exists to this day, buried deep. Laying in wait for the next victim to hope. Or so I would like to think. Oh yes, it will be mine.


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    Default Re: What's your 'Big Fish that Got Away" story...?

    This story gets a bit sketchy, so I am leaving out the name of the important person...

    So, Again it's early in my collecting career, so maybe twenty five years ago. I'm in this mom and pop antique shop, the kind with basically the line painted down the middle. To the right is the frilly foo foo stuff, to the left is the military regalia. I'm talking to the military guy, who is quite a character. I was talking to him about how opening an antique store is like cheating when it comes to collecting military, becasue he never has to leave the store. Where as I have to drive all over creation and it could be weeks before I find a militia button, or a Rembrandt painting. Conversation finally rounds it's way to, "so, whats the best piece of stuff you have ever had walk into the joint"?
    "Well", he says, and pulls out a plastic envelope and put it in my hand, "this come in this morning".
    I am looking at a VC that a local armory is named after.
    "There is absolutely no way this thing is real...", I quip.
    "I dunno, it was a relative that dropped it off. She was in a bad mood, and stormed in here dropped this on the counter and said 'i know this is worth money and I want $1500 for it'"...
    "That's crazy", says I..looking at this thing..."there's no way..."
    "Well, take a look at the paper work she brought in with it.". There's the cats name, and on fancy vellum. It had been all folded up.

    Come on really? ...a VC? With the cat's name on the back, and the papers for it?

    "So, what are you asking for this"?

    Well, there's no way I'm taking a chance on something like that...I's Victoria Cross, and I'm just not that lucky, I mean, unless we are talking about good looking broads with Molotov Cocktail personalities, then Lord Almighty can I pick 'em...but, I started mulling it over... I did have the cash...and I was thinking...

    So I went back the next week, and the store had been broken into. Lots of costume jewelry gone, a few things broken, and a few military things gone, helmets and anything SS...and the VC.
    -but the paper was left behind.

    I've looked up the cat's name from time to time, just to read about heroics. I've always believed that heroes like that, and especially in your town or a neighbouring town you should know -like Sgt Fred Hobson, the cat that won the VC in my town...and I read not too long ago that the family of the VC in question donated his medals to the War Museum in 2005.

    ...makes me wonder...was I going to get bamboozled...did the family "get the medal back"...I dunno...but a weird story none the less...

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