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What's In Your Collection?

Article about: Would most of you agree that the majority of German badge (metal and cloth) collectors purchase items on the premise and not knowledge of them being genuine? A considerable number of purchas

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    Quote by Richard Kimmel View Post
    Yes, I copied this from Brandon's posting here as I felt that It was a great posting and backed up my thoughts. My apologies to Brandon for not mentioning that.
    That's ok Kimmel

    That took me a long time to write. I used it on my very first web site as a guide, some of it is out of date I know, but a lot holds true today. Ok, I know some of it is exaggerated, but honestly, can you see what people fall for. It makes me cry

    Check my blog Richard, you'll see it there too

    "Sometimes it's better to do so than to let something go that you may kick yourself for doing so later".

    Whilst I agree with that statement Richard, sometimes it is better to cut loose

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    the old rule still applies. buy the item not the story. i almost don't want to say that 20 to 30 some years ago when i was collecting vet buys were not even safe then. guys brought back things made after 1945 because they were stationed there, and there was a demand for things to bring home. many believed them to be original war items . and some have a mix of original and post war production. there was a local vet that had a nice decaled army helmet. AH marked wine glasses and other table items he said were taken from hitlers train ( ya ok ). but he also had a plastic griped SA dagger with the post war black cross with the BA markings, blade stamped made in germany. and i'll tell you there was no way you could convince that vet that the SA dagger was not pre 45 made.
    as to knowing relitives military history. many died before the items get passed down. things get lost. many vets never wanted to talk about it if they had hard experences. i know my step father was a tank commander under patton, and served in no africa with him. but i dont know anything really beyond that. he just didnt talk much about it. life moves on. my uncle was in the navy thats all i know about his service. you have to just judge things as they come along. a great story means nothing if the item is a reproduction. so first and for most judge the item. and that is not allways easy. i think this forum will be a great help to many to keep from getting burned. when i started collecting, there was no help like this. only help i had was looking at different things over and over at gun shows to try and learn. and a few books. education is your best protection agenst fakes. keep an open mind because there are vareations, but be cautious.

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