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Whats your Job?

Article about: Hi Jerry, as Neolithic remains is my other big interest I had this site bookmarked. (When ever I travel around the UK I always check what is in the area I will be going to) You might know it

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    Default Re: Whats your Job?

    I have two right now.

    Emergency Response Dispatcher.

    Try to get my first book published. Not as easy as I thought it would be, at all...

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    industrial electrican, nasty fumes, climbing, call ins, and crazy boss

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    I'm glad somebody started this thread, I don't want to turn the forum into another facebook...........but it's nice to see that fellow collectors actually HAVE lives too - I can't think of anything more tediously boring than somebody that can ONLY talk about this crap (although.........I have met one or two of them!)


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    I would have no bother talking about this CRAP all day.


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    This crap means alot to me, I spent alot of time collecting and I enjoy talking about and if it were possible I would gladly talk about it all day!


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    I stand corrected.........I've actually "met" one or FOUR! :-)

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    Quote by talltom View Post
    im trying to remuster as a air traffic controller

    To quote my Aircrew cousin (I'm sure you'll know this one Tom)
    "What's the difference between an Air Traffic Controller and a Thousand pound bomb?.................Only some thousand pound bombs are retarded!!"
    I think of this every time ATC gets mentioned.......although both he and his brother(also aircrew) had nothing BUT respect for "the voices in the dark"


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    hi all ,im a production technician on a FPSO ,on for MAERSK> the north sea.

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    Retired Army colonel, now Execitive Vice President at a 2-year private college.
    COL, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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    Artist and craftsman.

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