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Whats your Job?

Article about: Hi Jerry, as Neolithic remains is my other big interest I had this site bookmarked. (When ever I travel around the UK I always check what is in the area I will be going to) You might know it

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    Im a boilermaker at the moment but want a change..not 100% sure what though...

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    Quote by Torch View Post
    Im a boilermaker at the moment but want a change..not 100% sure what though...
    Boiler makers are in short demand now in the Cities,as you know they are all out at the Mines.
    Good money but a long way from home.
    Cheers Mate

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    Im a boily by trade but work for BOC these day's selling the gear instead of using it.
    Funny you want to swap numbers Torch i'm thinking of heading west for the cash.
    Cheers mate

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    Carpenter for me! but i have my ovn company, i make tree floorsboards.

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    Good on ya chippy.

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    I've been working since over 11 years in the naval shipping industry, pricing and marketing. In the past I used to travel all over the world now I can sip a warm tea at my desk every morning, waiting for better days after this global crisis.


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    Im a fitter and turner in a steel works for the moment while we still have a steel industry
    but i still get to use a gas axe occasionally
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    I am an contractor mainly electrical, but I hope to be a teacher when Im done with college

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    I had two careers. After 8 years in the Army I was a police officer for 22 years during which I managed to get through college and grad school. After I retired from the PD, I became a college history professor, teaching modern military history. I'm fully retired now but still doing research in modern Geman military history with an emphasis on the German Navy 1871-1945. I occasionally speak to specialty military groups, most recently the US Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey. I devote a fair amount of time helping grad students on their research papers, but that's a no-charge activity that I enjoy. It has been a good life. Dwight

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    I work for the post office, at least for a little while longer I hope, as a maintenance mechanic on the mail sorting machines. I used to work on semis, it's nice being clean when the day is done. I spent 6 years as Military Police, and pick up odds and ends from other countries MPs as I find them.

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