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Whats your Job?

Article about: Hi Jerry, as Neolithic remains is my other big interest I had this site bookmarked. (When ever I travel around the UK I always check what is in the area I will be going to) You might know it

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    Im a cattle rancher in southern Saskatchewan. I raise beef cattle to feed the world. That picture is of winter feeding my young heifers.
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    I am a small arms technician for the U.S. military, I inspect, repair, test, teach and some research on military small arms from all over the world. I'm also a Military Police instructor in the Army reserves.

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    I'm a FLT driver/warehouseman for a company called E.H Booths its Supermarket store that's based in the Northwest here in the Uk and has been in Preston since 1843...Family owned and run,, a job for life i also have my own website named the same as my user name on here
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    I'm an electrical designer at an engineering firm here in the south-eastern USA. Not glamorous or exciting but the last company I worked for did send me to Moscow, Russia to work for three months! I got to see a part of the world I never thought I would see in person and got paid to see it! I have posted pictures of museums & battlefields in some other threads on this site.


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    I am a Senior Technical Support Specialist, doing tech support for our customers. I work for a major medical equipment manufacturer (and have been with the same company for almost 33 years now). I was a Field Service Engineer for the first 28, so this job is a piece of cake. Plus I can play with my stuff while at work. Best part of the day is when the mail arrives with a new piece.
    Before this I was in the US Navy for 6 years, working with ballistic missile fire control systems and aviation anti-submarine warfare systems. I'd like to travel to Europe and visit some battle sites, especially in Eastern Europe and Russia, as I'm particularly interested in the Ostfront.

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