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What's your newest Militaria purchase?

Article about: Hi guys, forgive me if this is already mentioned elsewhere but, if not? I was wondering what your newest militaria purchase was. Mine include a nice General Assault Badge, another War Merit

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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    Hi Guys, as promised here are my new Soviet awards which I bought last week. I have showed some of them in detail in the Soviet section of the forum.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    nice aquisitions guys , i have a d/d m35 afrika korp lid on its way hopefully tomorrow it should land,heres a few of the sellers pics i will post more when it lands .
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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    So much for the Credit crunch! Some nice items being shown off.

    My Last Buy. Little piece of Paper.
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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    Quote by sscrooge View Post
    nice aquisitions guys , i have a d/d m35 afrika korp lid on its way hopefully tomorrow it should land,heres a few of the sellers pics i will post more when it lands .
    fantastic colour tone on that lid Dave ! How do you sniff these out !!

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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    Dave that helmet....... i think its wrong i will take it off your hands coz you wont b able to sell it it's a cracker m8 they dont get mutch better, how did you aquire that beuty please dont say Ebay
    cheer's Ronnie

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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    my finger was on the trigger fast when i saw it go up on estand on waf i have been after a dak lid for a bit ,,

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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    Amazing colour indeed!


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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    Well, I just landed another 12 photos including a pic of an obliterated SdKfz 251 Halftrack somewhere near one of Leningrads Gates.
    An EKII award ceremony pic.
    A pic of an unnamed General.
    A cool pic showing a man using a trench telescope.
    Another pic showing a trench Periscope in usage.
    and many others.

    Im hoping to score several Grossdeutschland Div pics and a few more award ceremoney pics, a few more destroyed vehicles pics, and some other interesting pics. Ill not know till sometime next week about these though.

    Also, I had been hoping to do a major swap with a dealer which would have snared me four award docs to a man who served on the E/Ftont, four Silver IABs and another WMC 2nd Cl w/ Sw. However, this deal fell through at the last moment.

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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    Award Documents to SS Panzer Grenadier Division 11 Nordland signed by SS Knights Cross winner Joachim Ziegler and SS Sturmbannfuhrer Hermann Voss
    The gates of hell were opened and we accepted the invitation to enter" 26/880 Lance Sgt, Edward Dyke. 26th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers , ( 3rd Tyneside Irish )

    1st July 1916

    Thought shall be the harder , heart the keener,
    Courage the greater as our strength faileth.
    Here lies our leader ,in the dust of his greatness.
    Who leaves him now , be damned forever.
    We who are old now shall not leave this Battle,
    But lie at his feet , in the dust with our leader

    House Carles at the Battle of Hastings

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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    I think to make it easier for me to remember--ill post a list of most of the pics I got in the past several days--some listed will be duplicates I already posted but here goes it:

    Offz EKII award ceremony pics four of only four I saw for sale all belonging together as a small grouping.

    Unknown General arrives at one of his Regimental HQ in the field.

    Infantry advancing across a field.

    Long Panzer column on train transport. Thi was part of a small grouping offered but I wound up only being able to get one of them. I was trying to save the grouping by getting all I saw offered.

    A Panzer crewman in Bucharest who was just awarded his EKII.

    Heavy Gebirgsartillerie.

    Panzer III crew poses with their Panzer-which I think is showing it's turret number.

    Panzer crew poses with their Long barrelled Panzer IV. The Pz Kdt looks exactly like actor Willem DaFoe.

    PAnzer obliterated somewhere just outside of Leningrad in Autumn of 41. I was able to find out the names of three of the men killed-just the positions of the other two killed.

    An unusual but nice shot of an SdKfz 251 with a PAK mounted on it.

    Four of about 40 pics to a JU 87 Stuka Pilot (now named thanks to Herschstein) that I tried to keep the entire collection from being broken up but I failed miserably at that task. Anyway, he was a Recipient of the DKiG.

    A pic of a Mortar in action.

    An unknown Gebirgsjager Offz who just got his RK. I tried to keep this collection from being busted up as well but managed to get only one photo.

    Neat pic of troops observing front lines from their trench.

    Helmeted Russian Soldier being questioned by a German Offz, a 2nd Russian Soldier is smoking a cigarrette given to him by a German Enlistedman.

    Very muddy and smiling Krad Troop on is Chopper.

    Troop vehicles in town during Winter. I love Winter shots even if this one is a run-of-the-mill kind of pic.

    A super Heavy Arty piece in a camoflaged position.

    Black French Colonial Troops PWs-pose for the camera.

    Nice view of a fortified Machinegun nest.

    Gebirgsjager unit forms up in the field.

    Ski Jager fires his rifle from a sitting position. This one is one of my most favorite pf pics to come from this current spending spree.

    A Feldwebel clowns around on a kids bike.

    A guard in his guardshack.

    Soldiers at a small Bruckenkopf.

    Halftrack Column somewhere in France.

    Tof of two pics offered showing Grenadiers riding in three Halftracks.

    Three men just awarded their EKIIs. Great detailed shot. I think these men might be from a Pioneer unit.

    A decent shot showing an Artillery piece firing either at Dawn or Dusk.

    One soldier newly awarded his EKII.

    Six men newly awarded their Silver Infantry Assault Badges-shows great detail. The Fw also is wearing an EKI.

    A destroyed SdKfz 251 somewhere at one of Leningrads Gates.

    Gebirgsjager General poses. I currently don't know who he is.

    Older soldiers probably from a Security Division-relaxing and drinking ROOTbier ;-))

    Cav/Recon soldiers resting a bit.

    Gebirgsjager Ceremony of somekind-in the field.

    Several soldiers in a trench @ Rilly, France. I managed to only get one of two pics offered. However, IMO, I got the better of the two pics offered.

    Soldier uses a field Periscope.

    Stug III and Panzergrenadiers on the move.

    EKII Award ceremony pic. The only one I saw offered so I don't know if there are more or not?

    Troops clowning around @ a bunker.

    Soldiers crossing over a barbed-wire fence.

    Several soldiers in a Classroom seeking higher education.

    This one I got just today as well as a few others. This one is a great shot of Artillery firing at night.ingun bunker located in front of or near some Govt buildigs. It has several onejust for te heck of it-and because I love winter shots. Germans erected which has a cutout of a soldier directing people to various places. Under it the "soldier" is advertising a place to go Poo at.

    This is all for now.

    This next one is a funny sign the

    Troop Wagons in winter. I got th

    This one is o a mach

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