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What's your newest Militaria purchase?

Article about: Hi guys, forgive me if this is already mentioned elsewhere but, if not? I was wondering what your newest militaria purchase was. Mine include a nice General Assault Badge, another War Merit

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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    Three really nice early DJ Sigrune patches. Two of them are the actual item pictured in Phil Bakers book Youth Led By Youth on page 71 of Vol 3.

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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    Oops, can't get in to edit my above posting. I just noticed at how badly my keyboard skipped so some things are jumbled a bit.

    Anyway, yesterdays purchaese are:

    Great shot of a Heavy Artillery piece firing at night. I've been wanting one of those for ages and ages now.

    A large brick MG bunker located near some Govt buildings.

    Troops wagon train in winter.

    Funny German sign in Russia using slang language for Latrine.

    Soldier gets a Piggyback ride from a Comrade.

    Rear view of an Artillery position.

    Two of three pics (the best of the three) that were taken of Germans celebrating Christmas and a soldier is dressed up as Father Time. The pic missed only showed the Christmas tree-however, the two other not only show "Santa" but the same tree nearby.

    Finally, the best of this lot-shows a German MG & gunner in a large foxhole with a few Riflemen who are wearing some Camo on their steel pots and who have bayonets fixed.

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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    Just yesterday I bought three more pics.

    1) Is a neat double-exposure pic showing "Ghostly" images of a French Tank and a "Ghostly" image of German Infantry on the move.

    2 & 3) This was one of for offered but I only managed to get two of them-which shows General Guderian. This is one fo the two best pics of him and I got the other best pic of the four as well. With these two originals of him-maes three I now have of him.

    From a different dealer-I bought 4 more pics.

    1) Is a Heinrich Hoffmann PK press photo showing General der Kavallerie Eberhard von Mackensen in his command Panzerspahwagon-conferring with a Major and a few others on where to go next.

    2) Is another photo showing 13 Officers, NCOs and Men who were awarded various grades of the Iron Cross including an Ek 1 Spange. This pic has all the names and ranks of these men as well as what decorations they recieved and what EXACT unit they were in. The Genera who gave them their awards is known but is not in this photograph.

    3) Another HH PK presse pic showing a German Awards Offizier who is awarding EKIIs to Rumanian Soldiers.

    4) General Guderian visiting one of his field HQs and isstanding near his personal aircraft. This was the first Original Guderian pic I bought. Now I have three.

    Im eyeing a few awards ceremony pics but not sure if I want to commit on them.

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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    Quote by Paul E View Post
    Award Documents to SS Panzer Grenadier Division 11 Nordland signed by SS Knights Cross winner Joachim Ziegler and SS Sturmbannfuhrer Hermann Voss
    I missed this First Time around....You going to show us Paul or keep it to your self

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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    Some more pics I got yesterday. These should be the last I buy for awhile.

    Ayway-they are:

    1) Pic of a Gebirgsjager using a Mine Detector.

    2) German Soldiers at some French Cathedral.

    3) EKII award ceremony pic Nr 1 of 3.

    4) EKII award ceremony pic Nr 2 of 3.

    5) EKII award ceremony pic Nr 3 of 3.

    6) Russian Hiwis lugging some ammo for the Germans while moving into some town and towards some monument.

    7) Pic Nr 2 showig the same Hiwis and Germans as they moc=ve through some burning town.

    8) Pic one of two from a group of seven GD pics offered. The first one shows some GDers resting and you can see on their shoulderboards the "GD" and also you can see at least one of them wearing their Grossdeutschland Cufftitle.

    9) Pic Nr 2 of 2 from seven for sale. This one shows some GD guys standing next to an American Lend-Least M3A2 Sherman tank that was knocked out as the Battle of Kursk raged.

    10) A Combat photo of Assault Pioneers deliviering Infantrymen to an opposite shore-in rubber rafts. You can still see one of the Attack Waves of Infantry atttackin some position.

    11) An Italian Officer questioning and looking at some Civilians papers-while a fw Germans observe the scene.

    These willmost likely be the last pics I buy for awhile. SO when these finally arrive, ill make a 3rd photo CD of these and will send them to a member here to post them for me.

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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    smock eagle landed yesterday, and i have this on its way with 219 pics susposedly russian front album,but looked good anyway
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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    probably these pics will be the only action shots the rest will more than likely be pics of his gran etc
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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    Not quite what you expected (or wanted?) to see? No swastikas here!!

    Two medals from the Russian Union of Veterans of Afghanistan.
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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    Two more pics today and im possibly going to get 4 award docs-sme E/Front guy-as well as possibly another Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber. Will not know for a few days yet.

    The two pics I got yesterday are nothing special but were cheap. One pic shows soldiers looking at a destroyed Russian FLak gun, the other is a neat pic of some Russian Govt building in some big City the Germans captured. On the buiding is a huge Red Star.

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    Default Re: What's your newest Militaria purchase?

    Well, if anyone believe in good luck and has any to spare--I could use it now for a small grouping of items that are for sale. Im looking at 4 award docs to the same man with his four awards. Also, a kompany or platoon-group photo is included.

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