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Where do you live? Post pics of your town!

Article about: The movies , "lost boys" starring, Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Feldman and Cory Haim were filmed here,Also the movie, " sudden impact" starring Clint Eastwood and some chick

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    IMG00387-20120914-0922.jpg I would rather be here....
    damit, basta.

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    Quote by sandgroper View Post
    G'day boys,
    Here are a couple of pics I took of the Swan River while I was in East Fremantle a few weeks ago, I meant to post them here but didn't get around to it. I might be going bush tomorrow so I'll take a few pics if I end up going, It's only about an hour from home but it's quite nice. Cheers, Dave.

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    Hi Dave

    A nice place to stay.
    Any crocs in those waters?

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    Not in the Swan River, Nuno, the crocs are a bit further north in the state. Sharks aren't uncommon in the river though and if you know where to fish you can catch them. Crocs are a bit more of a concern and you need to be careful of them when you're in their country. I used to work on a crocodile farm in the north of the state many years ago and developed a healthy respect for them and what they are capable of doing.

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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    IMG00387-20120914-0922.jpg I would rather be here....
    Looks lovely FB but I must say I do prefer a bit more adventure than I think I'd find in this pretty manicured landscape.

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    Potsdam has much to recommend it, and I have found lots of adventure there, but my taste might differ from yours, of course.
    damit, basta.

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    I'm hoping to visit Berlin in 2015 and I'm sure I'll find much to explore and the whole experience of travelling to Germany will be an adventure for this little colonial. I love four wheel driving, and going bush exploring parts of my country where few, if any, have ever ventured. That is the sort of adventure I'm used to and that which I love. I know I'll find plenty of adventure in Berlin, at least I know nothing there will be looking at me as a meal!

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    Quote by daniel1234 View Post
    I have lived in London for most of my life but have spent a bit of time in Hertfordshire.
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    looka like St Albans market day and Hemel old town to me

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    I would love to visit London!

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    Quote by ford369 View Post
    looka like St Albans market day and Hemel old town to me
    It's London and St. Albans
    Hence the reason I said I have spent some time in Hertfordshire.
    The county the town of St. Albans is in.
    Im looking for an a case to an 1936 olympics medal and a case to entry to austria medal. pm me If you have any spare.

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    Hi guys. I live in Volgograd. (from 1925 to 1961 it was Stalingrad)

    here my photos ... you can see what a beautiful city ...

    my street, my neighborhood
    090612_мамайка (1).jpg
    090612_мамайка (2).jpg

    we and they

    Some views ...

    now it's view in my window

    Big City - The Great History I love it


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