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Where do you live? Post pics of your town!

Article about: The movies , "lost boys" starring, Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Feldman and Cory Haim were filmed here,Also the movie, " sudden impact" starring Clint Eastwood and some chick

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    The last photo is amazing!!

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    damit, basta.

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    Panzer-Kaserne_Kaiserslautern.JPGAs a person of the cold war, I am always happy that our Russian and other central and eastern European colleagues are here to pursue an interest in a common history. Weitermachen or whatever one says in Russian. As a small point: I used to work in this building, a long time ago, when the USSR was on the verge of blowing it off the face of the earth or raining blister agent on it... I always thought the Speznaz qua cleaning lady would blast me, too, while I was in the crapper, which was closest to the Bundestrasse 37 there in the picture. I do not work there any longer.
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    damit, basta.

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    Here is the litterbox I call home - Tucson Az. I'm from calgary originally. Some overviews, my front yard looking north and some examples of local fauna we share the neighbourhood with; Javalina behind our fence, Gila monster in our garage, plenty more - snakes, scorpions, tarantulas, lizards, geckos and more. There is a stupendous amount of interesting wildlife around us here.


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    Quote by sandgroper View Post
    Sounds like we catch a lot of the same fish!
    how far do you have to venture out to get were the fish are.
    do you ever fish the great barrier reef, bet they have a little of everything there. if i fish the west coast of fla , have to ventere 25-30 mi range for red snapper and grouper. can catch kings ,tarpon, snook, trout, redfish close by. but those snapper and grouper sure taste good and a heck of a fight.think were gonna head out this week on a trip.deadeye

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    Pleasing animals.
    damit, basta.

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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    Pleasing animals.
    Let's see yours, FB.

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    sfwatcher-mountain-lion-spotted-in-woodside-x-0-5-614x334.jpgThese pleasing creatures upset the suburban, bourgeois order of where I live and cause much mayhem, but they were here first, and we celebrate them.
    damit, basta.

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    Sometimes they eat the locals, or otherwise chew on them. This chewing has a salutary effect on the heavenly order.
    damit, basta.

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    Quote by deadeye View Post
    pretty sure its a lemon shark. and dorado or mahi mahi. which is the hawian term. we catch alot of fish in jupiter , alot of sail fish. the biggest sail weve gotten there was a 96 lb. 112 inches long. the state record is 116 lbs. the nice thing about fishing in jupiter. you only have to run out about 7 mi off shore. you catch little of everything there. TUNA,MAHI, SAILS , WAHOO, SHARK, SWORDFISH, KINGFISH, SNAPPER, GROUPER. YOUR RT IN THE GULF STREAM. ALOT OF ACTION. EVER MAKE IT TO FLA. GIVE ME A SHOUT WELL GO FISHIN. HAVE A 23 FT SEACRAFT W/TWIN 150 MERCERY OUTBOARD MOTORS. SHES READY TO GO. DEADEYE
    Lemon shark. I should've guessed that from your location.

    If I ever get to Florida I will definitely take up your offer.

    I will be in the U.S. in a couple of months but won't be that far down.

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