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Where are the places to buy from?

Article about: Where is everyone buying from? I have seen virtual Grenadier and from what i gather on here they seem to be a safe place to purchase from. But what are some other online stores to shop and c

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    Default Where are the places to buy from?

    Where is everyone buying from?

    I have seen virtual Grenadier and from what i gather on here they seem to be a safe place to purchase from. But what are some other online stores to shop and compare products from? I am looking to make my first authentic TR visor purchase. I have a couple of nice Janke caps, but am noe on the hunt for a Panzer, Artillery, or Pioneer officer visor.

    thanks for any help.

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    Welcome to the forum..

    There are many reputable dealers that have banners here on the forum and we also have a for sale section at the bottom of the forum topic page..

    In addition to those there are some great dealers in the US,, Griffin Militaria, The Ruptured Duck, Lakesidetrader…

    I am sure others will chime in based on their location in the world who they prefer to shop with..

    As with any large purchase though, a bit of advice.. Always look at the dealer's conditions statements (if they have any) to see if they offer 100% money back guarantee's with their products.. Stay away from "certificates of authenticity" they usually don't amount to anything as far as originality of items.. Dealers sometimes can get fooled too and they may have a reproduction in their supply,, so it is best to vet the item here before purchase..

    In addition to those sources, big venues such as the MAX show and Show of Shows can be very good places to obtain what you are looking for as well..

    Most of my TR collection has come from veterans that brought items home with them but there are also some very trusted individuals that I work with and I purchase my items through them..

    I'm sure others will also offer some suggestions to you

    Best regards


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    The advice from Smitty is right on target, just to ad a few comments, I know of a dealer who researches the item before he makes the purchase, in other words he does his homework first, then if he's satisfied he will buy it, kinda hard for you and I to do, also read, read, read it's the only way you will learn just on how much stuff is real and what items to stay away from , Good Luck !

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    Some good advice there.. Research is always a bonus, especially if you can positively ID an item..

    Well done Kolcat…


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    Smitty nailed it so there's not a lot I can add but what I will say is no matter who you buy from or how many period original items you've bought from them in the past, do your research on every purchase. Don't assume that your most recent purchase from a particular dealer is fine simply because all of the others have been. Don't be afraid to question items even from the most highly recommended dealers. I have only been collecting since this spring but I have purchased a large volume of items from a wide variety of dealers. Over the course of my short time collecting, I have seen fakes & suspect items on virtually every dealer's site. If you read past threads you'll also hear of other members who have had fakes from even the best dealers. My point isn't to scare you away but rather to make you aware of the reality of this hobby.

    The key is to buy from dealers who will give you your money back if there is a problem without making it difficult & remove a bad item from their site.

    Off the top of my head, Bill Shea & Dan Griffin are two of the best. John Telesmanich of Original German Militaria is also very good. Bottom line is that there are so many Third Reich items to collect & no dealer can be an expert in all of them.

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    Don't touch ebay with a 10 foot barge pole unless you know what you're looking for! Many reputable dealers have their banners on this site, like Smitty said, and you can also just do some cruising around on the internet for different sites with good ratings. Just be cautious!

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    thank you everyone. i for sure know to stay away from eBay and plan to post any pictures here before i make a final purchase. I am currently looking at only dealers that will allow an inspection period with $ back if not satisfied. "Satisfaction" is where i will lean more on the experts here till i learn more about real and copies.

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